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If you decide to visit South America for a holidays, choose the Inspiring Holidays tours and have the time to discover the highlights of many of these special regions, there are several tour packages.

Inca Trail Machu offers that take you into the remote areas of the Amazon Jungle in Peru, Brasil and Bolivia (Rurrebanaque), many great coastal regions, the starkly stunning and mystical desert areas of the Nazca Lines, the Uyuni Salt Flat Bolivia or San Pedro de Atacama, the magnificent Andes mountains and it's spectacular treks and landscapes and of course Machu Picchu, Inca Trail. Walk in the Patagonia and Torre del Paine. Visit the Galapagos wildlife or Paracas Islands. Colca Canyon is home to it's rare bird inhabitants- the Condors and the deepest canyon in the world. Arequipa is a modern southern city near Colca Canyon and the home to the famous 'Misti' active volcano. Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world is another must see and a fascinating place going by boat to the to the island people of Taquile, Uros and Amantani.

You could join one of our inspiring holidays tours to see for yourself the diverseness of cultures with South America is very noticable when visiting the different special places. Mountain people, jungle tribes, desert livers, coastal and city folk all have distinct looks and traditions yet as a country the population is fused together in a friendly and mysterious way, with peruvian cooking and a nation of nationals bound together with a history of Spanish conquest, then independence and a reason to celebrate the smallest reason for being alive. Hence there are many special days and many reasons to have fiestas, parades, music and dancing in the street by amazing costumed performers.

Our inspiring holidays tours involves local flights, all accommodation, camping, hiking and trekking and other activities packed with action and adventure, travelling through a country to experience its culture and to meet the local people. But they’re also about experiencing the awesome beauty of the natural South America, the most inspiring landscapes on every country.


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