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Amazon Rainforest

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Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon region is famous in Peru for its forests of mist, its wilderness and its privileged microclimates. Habitat of orchids, Andean bears and terns of the rocks. Archaeological sites with the enigma of Kuelap citadel built between the Andes and the jungle. Mysterious tombs and sarcophagi, legacy of an era which reigned the Chachapoya culture.

Mansions and colonial balconies, scenic lagoons and giant waterfalls: Yumbilla falls and Gocta. A target of endless options.

A good place for sightseeing is the Department of Amazonas in Peru. It is a wonderful and enchanting place due to its warm people and its incredible archaeological remains. You can delight yourself with its delicious typical meals there, you can also make archeological tourism, eco-tourism and adventure tourism. If you have a vacation time do not hesitate to spend it on the Amazon.

Amazon is located in the northern part of Peru and has as capital the city of Chachapoyas. Its territory occupies part of the mountain range and the jungle with an average temperature of 25 °C. It is part of the Condor mountain range. You can discover the attractive-chachapoyas-Amazon Kuelap fortress, the lagoon of the condors and the sarcophagus of Karajía. Join us to explore the main tourist attractions in the city of Amazonas:

The Main Square of the Chachapoyas town: It is surrounded by beautiful colonial houses with traditional balconies; in many cases, these mansions have been converted into hostels, restaurants and commercial houses. The square of independence was built in commemoration of the battle of figs Urco, in which the Patriots in the area led by Colonel José Matos faced Spaniards and they were victorious. The Archaeological remains of Yalape dates back to the year 1100 to 1300 BC. It is has an area of 4 hectares and presents the classic circular constructions decorated with friezes in high relief with forms of lozenges and zigzag.



The Fount of Yanayacu: Its original name was "Fuente Cuyana" because, according to tradition, single people who came to the city and drank of its waters remained forever, attracted by the irresistible charm of its beautiful women. Condors lagoon also known as mummy’s lagoon since in a cliff located on its banks more than 200 mummies were found in good condition despite the warm climate.


The capital city, Chachapoyas, of narrow streets and a big Main Square, preserves beautiful mansions and beautiful balconies as sample of its colonial past. From there, trips can be made toward the impressive citadel of Kuelap built by the Chachapoyas, a fierce people that resisted the Inca colonization for years. Located at the top of rocky hills and sheltered by a gigantic defensive wall, Kuélap contains in its interior circular compartments with decorative friezes. Loreto is the biggest department of the country and also one of the least populated. Is covered by a dense vegetation, of primary and secondary forest with hills of little elevation and slightly wavy surfaces, which are crossed by several rivers of the Amazon basin that turns into stems from the confluence of the Maranon and Ucayali rivers.

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