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The famous Balcony of the Devil in Cusco

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The famous Balcony of the Devil in Cusco

Cusco awakens great unknowns in specialists and the whole world, because it was the cradle of a civilization that did great wonders not yet deciphered, among them the construction of gigantic rocks that gave with such precision, impressive carvings and well-organized settlements like none in America.


The Incas knew how to organize themselves and connect cities with great Inca roads, and above all, coexist with nature, giving it divine importance. So much so that an attraction located on the well-known roads (Cusco to Huchuy Qosqo to go to Antisuyo) is the Balcony of the Devil or also called in Quechua Chakán (bridge).


The balcony has a triangular shape of almost two meters on each side and has a large natural space that looks like a room.


The great rock of about 10 meters that houses the well-known Balcony of the Devil is made of granite and limestone, which in the lower part has created a kind of tunnel through which the Chankán River crosses; and this, by the phenomenon of water erosion. What makes it resemble a rock castle.


Why is it called "Devil's Balcony"?

This striking name is due to the existence of an immense rock about 50 meters high of pure rock with a crest of Inca constructions; For a better view of this rock, you have to access it through a path (it is the only way) that will take you directly to a lithic window of natural formation in a triangular shape, from this place known as "The Devil's Balcony" you will be able to see all the crag in its immensity to an abyss that many people are even a little afraid of due to the precipice.


At the base of the rock there is a small, clean and crystalline river (Saphy River) that crosses the rock through super narrow routes; some tourists dare to follow the route of the river and thus cross the entire cliff to the other end. This experience is chilling for some and super fun for others, since it depends on the perspective and expectations of each visitor.



The Devil's Balcony is located in the Yuncaypata valley of the Chakán river, which is 20 minutes from the archaeological complex of Saqsayhuaman in Cusco, along a 2.8 km route that crosses broken flat terrain and archaeological remains.



This natural creation of the Devil's Balcony is located at a height of 3,750 m.a.s.l. (351 meters difference from the city of Cusco 3 399 m.s.n.m).



Because the Balcony of the Devil is located a few meters above Cusco, its climate is similar. That is, dry and temperate, but with two well-defined seasons.

  • Rainy season, they are between the months of November to March, there are constant rainfalls that reach temperatures of 6°C to 21°C.
  • Dry season, they are between the months of April to October, where there is little rain, with clear skies that reach temperatures of 23°C during the day, but at night the temperature drops drastically to below 0°C.


The name in Quechua of the Devil's Balcony is Chakán and it means bridge. This beautiful place is characterized by being a large rock with a beautiful view of the landscape, below this imposing rock for the Chakán River, for which it formerly received the Quechua name "Chakán".


Getting to the place will take approximately 20 minutes starting from the Sacsayhuamán Fortress, in the place there are black butterflies of different sizes, and this is one of the attractions for which our visitors want to know the place.



  • The tunnel through which the Chakán River crosses in the Balcón del Diablo is 45 meters long by a height of more than two meters and a width of 3 meters.
  • The Devil's Balcony and surroundings were used by the Incas to perform Andean ceremonies and get in touch with nature and sacred spirits; this practice is carried out until now.
  • In the area you can see archaeological remains, rocks carved in the form of chacanas, water gutters, walls on posts, masonry, platforms and others.
  • From this place we can observe the entire Chakán river canyon that descends to the city of Cusco, in addition to observing plants such as eucalyptus and Queñua (native tree of the Andes).
  • The Chakán River is totally crystalline, and its waters were used in the past to irrigate corn and potato fields.
  • The Devil's Balcony is perfect to visit with family, friends, couple or simply alone.
  • Its route is beautiful to enjoy a light walk, camping trips, and excursions.

What to do on the devil's balcony?

  • Mystical Tourism
  • Yoga
  • Bicycle rides – downhill
  • Rappelling — rappelling practice
  • Short Walks
  • Ride

When is the best weather to visit the Devil's Balcony?

The Devil's Balcony can be visited throughout the year, however the recommendation is in the dry season, when there is little rain, in order to avoid the charged river, the stagnant balcony, and visit the attraction without any restriction.


The Devil's Balcony is available to its visitors throughout the year, however, it is recommended to be very careful during the dry season, between the months of November to March. During this season in Cusco, it usually rains and as a result the river that passes under the balcony could be loaded and it could be dangerous to try to cross the bridge.


How to get to the Devil's Balcony?

The first thing you should do is get to the Fortress of Sacsayhuamán, from this point there are signs that guide you to get to the Huaca del Balcón del Diablo.


Getting to the Sacsayhuamán Fortress is easy, there are several ways to reach the place. If you take the walking route, it will take approximately 40 minutes from the Plaza Mayor of Cusco.


On the other hand, if you choose to take the service of a private taxi, it will take you 15 minutes. I tell you that it is also possible to get there by public transport, this is the cheapest route but it will take you approximately 1 hour to get there.


Another way to get there is by hiring the service of a tour operator.


What is the cost of entrance to the Devil's Balcony?

Admission to this attraction is completely free.


Admission Schedule

El Balcón del Diablo is open to the general public all day, from Monday to Sunday. But, we recommend that you visit in the morning, and then you can enjoy it better.


What should I bring to the Devil's Balcony?

  • Personal documents or passport.
  • Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses.
  • Comfortable shoes.
  • Warm clothes, windbreaker jacket and a water poncho in case it rains.
  • Snack (some snack, fruit, chocolates, or cereals)
  • Water.
  • Bathing clothes (optional you can take advantage of the heat of the day but the waters are cold)

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