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Beautiful and picturesque town of Obrajillo

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Beautiful and picturesque town of Obrajillo

The town of Obrajillo is located northeast of the city of Lima, approximately 2 hours away. Surrounded by a beautiful landscape, an excellent section to go on a walk (trekking) without any effort, since the section is downhill.


It is an ideal destination for lovers of nature, as well as adventures. It is also ideal for people who like trout fresh from the river and prepared on the spot, since the town is known for the cultivation and sale of trout.


Obrajillo WaterfallThe town has a warm climate during the day, at night the temperature drops considerably, so it is recommended to wear warm clothes. Obrajillo has an amazing waterfall, where people travel to camp near the falls, without a doubt a special place for your tourist vacation.


What does Obrajillo mean?

The name Obrajillo is actually the diminutive of "obraje", a very common activity at the time, for which the indigenous people were forced to do work and provide services to the Spaniards. (Casquero, 2006: 17).



In the 14th century, pre-Inca cultures existed on the left bank of the Canta River (currently the Chillón River), its inhabitants, grouped into ayllus (old towns), settled in the highest areas of the hills. Some of these ayllus were: Yacos, Racas, Causso and Carcas. Later the inhabitants of Carcas would be the ones who would make up the current town of Obrajillo.


In 1570, Viceroy Francisco de Toledo ordered that all indigenous populations be established above 3,000 meters above sea level. They moved to lower areas, in order to expand their Christian doctrine. Later, Francisco de Toledo would dictate the "Reduction Ordinance" by which the Indians who had their communities well organized, had to move to even lower areas where they would settle permanently. Carcas was one of those communities. In a new territory, located in the lower part of the left bank of the Chillón River, churches and houses with Spanish-style gabled roofs and a series of bridle paths and bridges were built. It was June 24, 1775, when the Spanish founded the town of Obrajillo in that place.


How to get?

To get to Obrajillo, you must go through the towns of Santa Rosa de Quives and Canta, which you can visit before you arrive at your destination.


By Private Car

To get to Obrajillo from Lima, you must take Av. Túpac Amaru to Comas and/or Carabayllo (North Cone of Lima). If you come from Av. Universidad you can go to the end of it and then take Av. Túpac Amaru. From there the path is direct. You will go through Yangas, through the town of Trapiche where there are many Country Centers, you will go through Santa Rosa de Quives. Before reaching Obrajillo you will necessarily pass through Canta, from there there is a detour to the left that will take you to Obrajillo, you just have to ask the locals from Canta who are very friendly people.


Currently the track has been repaired and your vehicle will not suffer to get to Obrajillo. However, in the rainy season it is good to find out about the weather due to the fall of landslides in the area that could hinder the road.


Said tour can be done with a simple traction mobility.


By Bus

If you go by bus, you must take your bus or combi to the District of Carabayllo, "El Progreso" area. On the same Avenida Túpac Amaru at km 21, there are companies that take you to Canta (approximate fare of S/. 10 soles). From canta there are taxis or cars that take you to obrajillo for S/. 2 suns.



To go to Canta you must board an interprovincial bus that covers the little more than 102 km that separate it from Lima in three hours. These start from Av. Túpac Amaru and go along a partially paved road. On the way you will pass through Santa Rosa de Quives.



The climate is temperate, dry and hot during the day and cold at sunset. The temperature oscillates between 11ºC and 15ºC in winter, and from 12ºC to 20ºC the rest of the year. The rainy season runs from December to April. Try to bring sunscreen, mosquito repellent and warm clothes for the night. If you travel in the rainy season, it is best to have waterproof clothing on hand.


In Obrajillo and Acochaca (annex of Canta), there are camping areas that include bathrooms. The average income is S/5 per person and the use of the shower requires an additional investment. In addition, in Canta y Obrajillo you will have the opportunity to eat delicious trout in various presentations and try some dreamy pachamancas.

You can also visit the ruins of Huischo in the Huaros district; the Chuchún lagoon (35 minutes) from where you can see the Cordillera de la Viuda; and the Raimondi de Jaramajón puya stand (5 km from Canta, a 3-hour walk); the archaeological remains of Tauriúnko, Cushpa and Pumakoto in the district of San Buenaventura; as well as Tunshuwillca and Sinchipampa in the district of Arahuay.


The Best Tourist Places in Canta

Canta is a very attractive and picturesque Peruvian province, which is why many tourists choose it as a destination to spend their vacations; It is surrounded by landscapes, mountains and lagoons, in addition to having a fairly pleasant climate, ideal for excursions and camping. If you want to know more about this beautiful place, here are some of the best tourist places in Canta that you can enjoy if you travel there.


The province of Canta has many tourist places that anyone would like to visit. If you are one of them, this time we will mention some of the best destinations that you can find in this beautiful place, so that you know what to visit if you dare to have it as one of your travel options.


Among the tourist places of Canta are the following:



If you are one of the people who likes to take walks and enjoy the outdoors, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the town of Obrajillo. It is located 3 kilometers from the city of Canta and is a perfect destination to spend a day with family or friends.


In this place you can enjoy many attractions, some of them being its small waterfalls, the trout farm and the small hydroelectric; Furthermore, if you are a lover of horseback riding, this site is perfect for it.


Saint Rose of Quives

This destination is very visited by tourists, especially by those parishioners who want to know the stone hermitage; place where Santa Rosa de Lima lived. But beyond that, it is a place to enjoy nature, fresh air, horseback riding, trekking and, of course, discover various architectural complexes that are located in the place.


Some of the places of interest that are in this town to visit are: the Leticia natural viewpoint, the Buena Vista and Huanchipuquio archaeological complexes, and the Yangas main church, among other attractions.


Archaeological Complex of Cantamarca

For lovers of history and old things, this site is ideal. It is a kind of pre-Inca stone city, located on the peak of a mountain northwest of the city of Canta; specifically at 3500 meters above sea level.


The walk can be done on foot and lasts approximately 3 to 4 hours, although clearly that will depend on the physical state in which the person is. When climbing to the top of the peak, it will be possible to find ancient architecture, with circular stone enclosures, walls, aqueducts, and rooms that are still in good condition.


Chuchun Lagoon

Another of the tourist places in Canta that you cannot miss is the Chuchún lagoon; which is located 44km east of the city of Canta. This emerald green lagoon offers one of the most beautiful landscapes you will be able to see, since in addition to the river, you will be able to observe the snow-capped peaks of the La Viuda mountain range; Without a doubt, a complete paradise that is worth knowing.


Best Tours in Peru

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