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Paracas Huacachina Tour

Paracas Huacachina Tour

This is a one day tour from Lima where you can visit Paracas, the city of the Pacific Ocean, and the amazing oasis in the desert of Huacachina in just one day. This accommodates those people looking to do something near Lima.

Both Paracas and Huacachina are essential visits if you travel to Peru. Paracas is a quiet fishing village, where you will soon be aware of the wind that blows in the afternoon. In fact, the name of Paracas is determined by the Quechua origin of two words: Para = rain and Acca = sand. Literally sand rains are produced by strong winds in the afternoon, where they blow up to 50 km / hour. It is precisely the Paracas winds that have given name to the reserve and that between August and October they form true sandstorms.

The Paracas National Reserve was created in 1975 and consists of an area of ​​335 thousand hectares. 65% of the reserve corresponds to marine territory and 35% to coastal territory. Since 1992, it has been a wetland of international importance as a habitat for waterfowl. This protected area of ​​Paracas is a privileged place, a desert next to the sea, which you can not miss. This reserve has sunk and emerged several times throughout history and 320 million years ago, when Paracas was 60º below the equator line instead of 14º, there was a jungle environment.

The Huacachina tour is the best of the trip. If you like adventure you have to do it yes or yes. It lasts a total of two hours and the afternoon, with the sunset, is a good time because the colors of the desert accompany the photos. When you arrive in Huacachina, you ride in a buggie and start a journey through the dunes at full speed. It's like a roller coaster going up and down dunes, very very funny and shocking.

After a half hour, another fun part begins: the sandboard. They will give you some tables, a brief explanation and ... to launch. You start with a small dune (10 - 30 meters downhill) and you will end up in some dunes that thank goodness you do not know where you are going because if you do not equal you do not do it (80 - 100 meters downhill). You can throw yourself standing or lying down.


Paracas Huacachina Full Day
Inca Trail Machu

We pick you up from your hotel at 6:00 am to start the tour, we head to the Bay of Paracas, where the largest marine reserve in Peru begins and second in South America. Upon reaching the district of Paracas, we moved to the docks "El Chaco", here we will board the boats called "sliders", which will take us to the Ballestas Islands.

On the way, we will see El Candelabro, similar to the Nazca Lines. The Ballestas Islands are natural rock formations that harbor an important marine fauna, where large colonies of guano, guanay, piquero, pelicano cormorán, tendrils etc. live. We return to El Chaco port, to go to lunch./p>

We will continue towards the Huacachina Lagoon, listen to its legend and we will go on to practice Tubular sports through the dunes and Sandboarding. At 6:30 p.m. the specific time arrives to return to the City of Lima, where we will arrive at approximately 23:00 p.m.


Inca Trail Machu

  • Guided bus transportation
  • Tour of the Ballestas Islands in Paracas
  • Tour of sandboxes and sandboarding in Huacachina
  • We pick you up and leave you at your hotel/hostel

Not Included
Inca Trail Machu

  • Food
  • Tips
  • Extras not mentioned

Inca Trail Machu

  • Half-season clothes and coat for the afternoon
  • Hiking shoe
  • Repellent, blocker, hat.
  • Camera to capture the good times (optional)
  • Lunch (free)
  • Bring ID

Doubts and Frequent Questions about Paracas Huacachina Tour
Inca Trail Machu

Huacachina how to get there?

To travel from Lima to Huacachina you have to travel by land. The first thing is to make the trip from Lima to the City of Ica, which lasts approximately 04 hours, for which there are several transport agencies that perform this service. Once in Ica, you have to take a taxi to the Huacachina, it is the most comfortable and fastest option to arrive, it will take about 10 minutes at most. As a time, it is an option to take into account if you are going to do only a visit of a few hours.


What is Huacachina Peru?

In the midst of the heat of the desert and endless dunes, a refuge emerges that invites you to rest. An oasis to connect with nature. Its landscape of dunes, palm trees and huarango creates a place of special charm: you can tour the old boardwalk, enjoy the good taste of regional cuisine, take a ride in pedal boats and, for the more adventurous, tubular rides and sandboard.


Where is Huacachina located?


It is located 8 km from the Plaza de Armas de Ica.


How far is Huacachina from Paracas?

The distance from Huacachina to Paracas is 74 Km, by car 1 hour approximately What is Paracas Peru? The Paracas National Reserve was created in 1975 and consists of an area of ​​335 thousand hectares. 65% of the reserve corresponds to marine territory and 35% to coastal territory. Since 1992, it has been a wetland of international importance as a habitat for waterfowl. Impressive coastal ecosystem of 335 hectares. It includes deserts, beaches, islands, cliffs and coastline. This habitat protects pelicans, flamingos, penguins, dolphins, sea lions and countless fish and crustaceans. For its many natural and archaeological attractions, tourists visit the reserve. The Interpretation Center offers an interesting explanation of biodiversity.


Paracas where to eat?


Enjoy meals based on fish and seafood / around El Chaco dock. You can find 4 restaurants located in Paracas National Reserve: "El Che", "La Tía Pili", "La Tía Fela" and "El cofre de los Recuerdos". You can find more options at the "El Chaco" Boulevard. 

You can find more options in the district of Paracas:

  • Restaurant Paracas, Av. Paracas S / n 4th. floor
  • Bahia Restaurant, Mz. B Lt. 7 AAHH.
  • Alan García Chalana Restaurant, Av. Paracas S / N
  • Paracas Restaurant "II Covo", Av. Paracas S / N

Where is Paracas Peru? 

Paracas is located in the department of Ica and the province of Pisco in Peru.  

Because of its proximity to the sea, Paracas is a spa in the shape of a bay. The attraction of this spa is its climate, beach and beautiful residences built there.

The name of Paracas means "sand rain" because in this place the winds are carriers of sand; these winds can reach a speed of 32 km per hour.

Paracas, covers an area of ​​335,000 hectares, of which 117,406 are from the mainland and 217,594 from marine waters


Paracas what to do?

Throughout the visit you will make, in one order or another, the following stops:

  • Cathedral. The Cathedral, symbol of the Paracas Reserve, is composed of rocks of 28 - 40 million years old. Its vault was damaged by the strong earthquake of 2007, it is still perceived what previously seemed a cathedral of natural rock, carved by wind and erosion.
  • Supay beach. Supay means Quechua devil and does not deceive the word, since this beach famous for its cliffs with sequences of horizontal layers of the Eocene period (second period of the tertiary era, 55 - 38 million years ago) cheats devilishly and seems calm when in fact it has a raging swell.
  • Red beach. One of our favorite places in the Paracas National Reserve is this beach, resting and feeding area for many birds, known for the reddish coloration of its shore, due to the fragments of volcanic magma that the waves have deposited dragged from the Massif of Punta Santa María
  • Interpretation Center. The perfect place to understand the origin of the reserve and the change throughout history, learn to respect its fauna and learn more about the animals that live there.
  • Viewpoint of the flamingos. Near the interpretation center there is a path that takes you to a bird watching point, where the best sight is the pink flamingos. Although they look a bit far ... they are so cute !!!

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