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1. Check Availability

Visit our website and send us a request information or contact your local travel agent to check about availability of your tour.


2. Booking Conditions

Please view our booking conditions. You should know that booking with us means you have read and agreed these conditions.


3. Deposit

We require 50% of deposit for all our tours apart from the tours listed in the section "Short Hike & Tours" where only 50% is required! Please note: Your tour is confirmed only, after your deposit has been paid!! This deposit is non-refundable!! 

If you are booking less than 2 days prior to your departure date, full payment is required!


How To Pay via Bank Transfer:

If using this method, please do not forget to pay bank charges. Please note: Bank charges are not included in the price of your tour and must be fully covered by a customer!!! Bank charges vary according to your bank, transferring amount and intermediary banking institutions used by your bank for the money transfer. If we receive less than the required deposit due to not covering the bank charges in full, we will add the difference to your due balance.


How To Pay via Western Union or MoneyGram:

To pay via Western Union, you can either visit their closest local office (they are located worldwide) or pay online on www.westernunion.com (select your country and language on the top left side).


Please note: Western Union and MoneyGram companies require 12% extra charge of the transferring amount. The charge is not included in a price of our tours and need to be fully covered by a customer!!


Western Union message: Please write a name and date of your tour. Please do not forget to let us know your transaction code (MTCN) you will be given.


How To Pay using Credit or Debit Card:

You can pay online seeking the Mastercards or VISA logo on the left below side of our website or once booked, our sales department will send the link payment by email.


Please note: A Visa company charge is already included in prices of some of our tours excepting the tours listed in the section "Short Hike & Tours"! If you have found your tour listed in the Short Adventure Trek, On the first payment is included the tax and on the second payment you need to add 9% of the Visa charge on top of your tour price! This Visa charge must be covered by a customer!


4. Your Details

To be able to complete your booking, we will need your personal details as the following: Full name, gender, passport number, date of the passport expiration, date of birth, nationality, diet requirements (if applicable), email address and medical restrictions. 


5. Travel Insurance

You need to obtain corresponding (complete) travel insurance to be able to travel with the Inca Trail Machu.


6. Final Payment

Due balance can be paid when in Cusco. However, if you book less then 2 days prior to your tour departure, full payment is required upon your tour confirmation.


7. Documents

Once you have paid your deposit, the Inca Trail Machu will provide you with all relevant pre-departure information including a travel voucher and a service voucher. Your final documentation will be issued 30 days prior to your departure date.


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