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The center for basic special education San Martin de Porres de Anta was created by RD No 076 on the date of 6 May 1998, issued at the time by the Anta Unity of Educational Services and is a school for children with special educational needs in the province of Anta.


The facility consists of 2 classrooms, a deposit and an address. Despite opening just a few years ago and due to the adobe material of which it is constructed, lack of rainwater drainage and the reality of the local terrain is very deteriorated. The Educational Center serves an average of 15 students in initial and primary level with mental, motoric, severe and multiple disabilities from different surrounding Andean rural communities and are generally in a very poor economic condition.


Currently the necessary arrangements are made to expand infrastructure and services and we can make use of a perimeter fence, kitchen, dining room, occupational workshops, etc. At present the staff working in the institution is as follows:


Professor Miluska Alegria Sanchez, who became director, a contracted teacher, Prof. Ana Maria Calizaya and assistant teacher Lourdes Castillo


Inca Trail Machu supports the special needs school with donations from each tour packet purchased.


San Martin Porres


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