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One of the most remarkable achievements of the golden age of the Inca and Pre- Inca civilization and perphaps its greatest mystery is Machu Picchu. Each year it is the mecca for its increasing number of visitors but only few make the journeys along the ancient Inca Trail which is part of a network of at least 30,000 km. of main paved roads the Incas built along the Empire. These roads were greatest features of engineering and so well construted that large sections still survive despite centuries of neglect.



One of the best-known routes of this Imperial highway system remaining today is the one known as the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. A fascinating four day trek on foot with experienced biligual tour guides, chefs, quality camping gear and nutritious, high energy food.



To guarantee your quota to the Inca Trail 2017 season, we are offering the Pre-reservation service. This Pre-reservation service is for all of those who wish to make their reservation and guarantee their entry to the Inca Trail for the year 2017 (Classic Inca Trail or Short Inca Trail). This is the only way we can offer a space to this already famous trek to Machu Picchu, rated as one of the best in the World.


Advantages of the Pre-reservation of the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 2017

  • Fractional payment: Reserve the Inca Trail for the amount of 40% of the price of the Inca Trail
  • Frozen Prices: We are committed to maintaining the price of the Inca Trail at the 2016 rate.
  • Flexibility of Dates to the Inca Trail: You can change the date of your entry to the Inca Trail 2017 before the end of this year without additional cost.

  • 100% Guaranteed Income: We will book your entry to the Inca Trail from the date of opening of quotas that starts the first days of 2017, we are a local agency located in the famous city of Cusco

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