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Cusco Southern Valley

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Cusco Southern Valley

What is Cusco Southern Valley?

What to visit?

Cusco Southern Valley is the name given to the tourist attractions established southeast of the Cuzco city. The best principal are: Tipon, the church of San Pedro de Andahuaylillas, Piquillacta, the wetlands of Huasao and its lots of villages full of traditions and history. These places can be visited with an travel agency or on your own.


Cusco Southern Valley (Valle Sur)

Cusco Southern Valley is the tourist term specified to the group of tourist attractions situated southeast of the city, among the locations of Quispicanchis and Canchis.


The best essential tourist attractions of the South Valley are: the Tipón Archaeological Park, Piquillacta Archaeological Park and the church of San Pedro de Andahuaylillas.


Likewise in the South Valley you would observe Andean towns with numerous traditions such as: Oropesa, Urcos, Huasao, Huaro and additional places. The most recognized natural landscapes are: the Huacarpay lagoon, the Humedal de Huasao, the snow-capped Pachatusan and the river Vilcanota.


To see the designated tourist attractions you would make a trip on your own or book a tour to the 'South Valley of Cusco' that includes: Andahuaylillas, Piquillacta and Tipon


Its location

The South Valley of Cusco is located in a geographical area formed by villages and natural landscapes located southeast of the city of Cuzco. Most of the sites belong to the Quispicanchis provinces and Canchis.


Tipon, one of the most touristic towns in the southern valley, is located only 25 kilometers by road from the city of Cusco. Piquillacta Archaeological Park is 32 kilometers away and the town of Andahuaylillas is 38 kilometers approx.


The Tipon archeological site is at 3,560 meters above sea level. The archeological site of Piquillacta is at 3,350 meters above sea level. The town of Andahuaylillas, at 3,122 meters above sea level.


Tourist attractions to visit

These are the main tourist attractions in Cusco Southern Valley:



It is an archaeological complex, where you can see that the Incas, apart from being experts in architecture, were also very good at agriculture, implementing in their fields, very advanced hydraulic irrigation systems, which is why they were very capable of bringing water from many kilometers away by building canals.



It’s a pre-Inca city, located in the southern part of Cusco. We are sure you have been told a lot about the Incas, but what about the pre-Inca civilizations like the Wari; the Incas would be almost nothing without the technological advances of the pre-Inca cultures, as the Romans without the Greeks, so we invite you to discover the greatness of the Wari, visiting the archaeological site of Pikillaqta.



It is a very picturesque city of the colonial period (XVII century), where you can find the most extravagant church of the American continent in terms of decoration, that is why colloquially local people call it "The Sistine Chapel of America" - See video about this route here.


The Huasao wetlands

This place is only 18 kilometers by road from the Cusco city. It is a entertaining center that stands out for its wood carvings with an ecological message characterized by imaginary characters such as 'Ents', 'Groot' and 'Baby Groot'. The space is home to numerous species of birds, trees, plants and more.


How to go on your own?

To see the South Valley on your own, it is essential to take interprovincial transportation from the Cusco city. The best transportation is named 'Saylla - Huasao' can take you to the villages of the valley for only 3 Peruvian soles.


To visit Tipon and Piquillacta you need to buy the Cusco Tourist Ticket which costs USD 20 approx. This ticket also contains: the Regional Historical Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Coricancha Site Museum, the Museum of Popular Art,  the Qosqo Native Art Center and the Inca Pachacutec Monument.


The Cusco Tourist Ticket need to purchase at: 103 El Sol Avenue (a few steps from the Plaza de Armas).


How to go with tours?

The tours for South Valley of Cusco last half a day and include visits to: Andahuaylillas Piquillacta and Tipon. The tour lasts only half a day (6 hours approx.) and has an estimated cost of 190 peruvian soles. It covers: full transportation, entrance fees and tour guide service.


The climate in the South Valley

The South Valley of Cusco has a cold moderate climate with temperatures fluctuating from a maximum of 22ºC. and a minimum of 4ºC.


The rainy season is presented in the month of November to April, specially in January, February and March. The other months, from May to October is the dry season. In those months the nights are colder but the rains do not come regularly.


More information

The towns of the South Valley are recognized for their delectable Cusquenian gastronomy. Do not forget to eat dishes such as: baked guinea pig, baked pork and fried trout. Don’t forget to eat the breads of the town of Oropesa.


During your trip to the South Valley of Cusco do not forget to bring with you: comfortable shoes, comfortable and light clothes, hat, poncho in case of rain, sun block, snacks, rehydrating drinks, documents and a few money.

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