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The popularity of the Inca Trail and the scarcity of available spots have led to the opening of several alternative hikes of varying length and difficulty.


The three to five day Salkantay Trek is named for the 6,270 meter (20,500 feet) peak of the same name. It begins at Mollepata, four hours by road from Cusco, and is a strenuous hike that goes through a 4,800 meter (15,700 feet) pass. The Salkantay excursion joins the Inca Trail at Huayllabamba.


The Ausangate trek takes its name from the Nevado Ausangate 6,372 meters (20,900 feet) in elevation and requires a day of travel each way from Cusco in addition to the standard five, six days on the trail. Nearly the entire excursion takes you on terrain over 4,000 meters (13,100 feet)


Relatively new to the region's trekking scene are four day hikes through the Lares Trek Valley. On the north of Urubamba and Ollantaytambo. The excursion offers a cultural dimension, with stops at several villages along the way. The Lares Trek compares in difficulty to the Inca Trail.


Various treks bearing the name of Choquequirao take in ruins that some have trumpeted as "the new Machu Picchu". another long lost Inca City. The site, still little excavated and not yet accessible to mass tourism.


The Chinchero - Huchuyqosqo trek has two selling points: It can be accomplished in one day - about six hours and is downhill much of the way, although portions get steep. The hike begins in Chinchero, north of Cusco and offers splendid views as you descend into the Sacred Valley.


Other alternative hiking to Machu Picchu is Vilcabamba Trek. The Inca's last stronghold is reached from Chaullay, a village on the road between Ollantaytambo and Quillabamba. No trains run beyond Machu Picchu, so you must take the road which passes through Peña, a place of great beauty with snowy peaks on either side of the valley. Once out of Peña, the climb to the pass begins in earnest - on the right is a huge glacier. Soon on the left, Veronica begin to appear in all its huge and snowy majesty. Then the descent to the valley shows hillsides covered  in lichen and Spanish moss. At Chaullay, the road crosses the river on the historic Choquechaca bridge. From Chaullay you can drive 4 hrs to the village of Huacancalle, the best base from exploring the nearby Inca ruins Vitcos, with the palace of the last four Inca rulers from 1536 to 1572, and Yurac Rumi, the impressive sacred white stone of the Incas, Ñustahispanan (a temple with holy waters), the sacred stone and the grave of Tupac Amaru. Allow plenty of time for hiking to and visiting Vitcos.


Hiking to Machu Picchu is the best option to choosing your trek and experience to Machu Picchu!! the last decesion is that for you and if you would like to hike to Inca Trail book in advance and in case there aren't any spots available choose any alternative treks to Inca Trail.

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