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Committed travelers, adventurous tourists, lovers of Peru and nature, this news will like it. On this blog we will talk about one of the most important environmental conservation organizations in the Amazon: Conservamos por Naturaleza, thanks to them we discovered the importance of Eco Tourism and the basic environmental conservation topics, Conservation Areas and all the work behind each one. Not only work, also people completely in love with the natural wealth and willing to do everything to protect it! 

"Conservamos por Naturaleza" promotes Eco Tourism in different areas of Peru, supporting Private Conservation Areas and telling the brave story of people who fought to protect these areas.


Why is the Amazon Rainforest important to us

It all began with the idea of paying tribute to people, communities and organizations, who by their own will, are taking care of nature in different corners of Peru. Their efforts benefit us all, but they are not receiving the incentives and recognition they deserve. We decided to go in his search, to find out what he had motivated to keep and learn from his experiences. We would bring cameras, pens and notebooks to tell their stories to the whole world. Our intention from the beginning was to inspire more people to follow their steps and facilitate schemes for people and companies to collaborate with these life projects. We think that if the stories came first hand and showed how amazing Peru is, we could awaken that love for life and open spaces, and that more people realize that we can do concrete things to improve the place where we live. 

The answer has been positive. Dozens of companies and more than 3000 people have joined. Young professionals in Iquitos have helped to make the biological inventories that are needed to know the species that exist in the conservation areas. Lawyers have advised organizations with which we work. Advertisers have helped attract more tourists to the areas and improve our messages. Musicians have given us the rights of their songs for the videos and designers have supported with their visual creativity. These are just some examples. The message we give is that each one of us has something to contribute to give back for all that nature gives us. 


Conservation Society

The team of "Conservamos por Naturaleza" of the SPDA is made up of a group of professionals committed to showing that you can live in harmony with nature. Lawyers, communicators, biologists, journalists and forestry engineers form our core team. The team is joined by allies and the community of collaborators, which can be people, organizations and companies that want to put their grain of sand to prevent Amazon Rainforest destruction


How can we protect the Amazon Rainforest 

"Conservamos por Naturaleza" is a platform created by the SPDA that propose ways to save the Amazon Rainforest, provinding support to voluntary conservation initiatives, promoting alliances and actions to contribute to the care of nature.


Conservation Jobs Abroad 


  • Sponsor an Area: Get involved directly in the management of a private conservation area or assume the costs of its management for a specific time. 
  • Contribute to the Seed Fund Competition: Every year we organize the seed fund contest and give prizes of up to 13 thousand soles to the winners. You can take a prize and have your name or your company's name. 
  • Donate your talent: From editing videos to developing business plans, there is a long list of things we need support for. 
  • Organize a pro-funds campaign: Workshops, concerts, marathons, excursions, dinners and even a party at home can become an opportunity to collaborate. 
  • Lead the organization of a "Beam": Inspire by example and bring out your leadership to unite your community for a common cause. 
  • Visit and buy the conservation areas: Buying honey, fabrics, handicrafts and other products can help. Some areas already have facilities to receive travelers looking for an experiential experience. 
  • Help us spread our message: Share our message in spaces that can help reach more people, from social networks to advertising. 
  • Join the community: Depending on the degree of involvement you are willing to take on, you can be part of The Team, Ally, Co-pilot, Collaborator, Sponsor or Sponsor of Nature Conservation. 

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