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Inca Trail Training Plan

The magnificent route of the Inca Trail Path is one of the best adventure alternatives you can choose to reach the enigmatic citadel of Machu Picchu. The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Tours certainly demands a little physical effort. Considered as "moderate" grade, this will depend more than 2 factors.


In the first place, "The Physical State", if you are a person who does not have health (weight problems, you do not have problems with the knees and ankles, etc). If you have a healthy diet, do not overdo it, with alcoholic beverages, do not smoke, get enough sleep and do physical activity regularly; then the degree of difficulty of any walk, may be more bearable, because you are a healthy person, "fit", to make the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, in a more bearable and less saturated. 


In second place, "The Preparation", the Inca Trail guided hike is a challenge due to the nature of its terrain, changes of altitudinal floors, steep trails, abrupt descents, many steps, etc.  

The Inca Trail training plan begins taking into consideration the physical condition, in which it is currently. It is necessary to organize, specialists recommend to start preparing, 6 months before your Inca Trail walk.  


To be able to perform the walk, your heart, muscles of the back, hips and feet must be strong, so that you can climb more easily and use less oxygen; consequently, altitude sickness will have no effect on your body. 


Inca Trail Training Plan 


What exercises should I do?


Take walks 

Walking more than two or three hours is within reach of almost everyone without generating consequences of muscle pain or other type of effect, but on the route of the Inca Trail hike Peru you will walk approximately for 5 to 6 or more hours per day, therefore you must prepare for this, to make your experience easy and enjoyable without problems of excessive exhaustion. 


Go up and down stairs

Practice climbing up and down the stairs, to train with difficult walks, because on the Inca trail there are stretches to steep mountains that could cause excessive fatigue and muscle pain in the legs, especially if you plan to climb the mountain Huayna Picchu. 


Do breathing exercises 

The Inca trail begins at a point with 2650 meters above sea level until reaching 4000 meters above sea level, so it is convenient to do breathing exercises to deal with the altitude sickness that usually happens in the mountains due to lack of atmospheric pressure and oxygen level.


Prepare the body for physical effort 

The effort you make can result in extreme tiredness, consequently in muscular pains at night that could prevent your full rest. Therefore do trekking exercises and prepare your body to experience absolute pleasure during your adventure on this magnificent journey of the Inca Trail. 


Where to do exercises? 

This depends on your lifestyle and where you live, ideally, begin to take short walks, climb stairs, all accompanied by rotational exercises of the joints. 

The answer depends on your preferences, your lifestyle and where you live. If you live near pleasant terrain for walking and / or running, you must have considerable self-discipline and proper footwear may be all you need. Consider acquiring a heart rate monitor to make your training more systematic.  


If brisk walking or running does not work, try to find a combination of activities that you like and can do frequently (three times a week); for example: dancing, cycling or swimming. Consider going to a gym, where you can monitor your progress and fitness. It is important to complement your training with treks that contain ups and downs, in rough terrain.  


How often do you exercise? 

Start the Inca Trail training plan well before your departure: if you are not very fit, it is better to start with 3 to 6 months in advance. If you smoke, leave it at least until after your trip.  

The best frequency to do the training is every two days: the body needs a rest day to extract the maximum benefit from the training session. Three times a week is the goal of a training period. Before leaving, make longer sessions and stop training one to two days before leaving. 


Recommendations for traveling the Inca Trail without setbacks 

  • Build your aerobic endurance. If you do not exercise regularly, start an aerobic training program as soon as possible, this is very important before doing this touristic circuit.  
  • Train for strength. Focus on working the legs, keep in mind that the muscles of the legs will work a lot during the walk along the Inca Trail, as well as the Core, which will facilitate the preservation of the resistance and stability of the body. 
  • Take what is necessary in your backpack so that it does not weigh so much during the Inca Trail. Just make sure you have what is strictly useful for the excursion and thus not face unnecessary efforts. 
  • Acclimatize to the altitude. This is fundamental. The Inca Trail Machu Picchu Tours takes place in the mountains, and it is important to allow your body to get used to the scarce oxygen before starting the walk.




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