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Cajamarca: a day at Granja Porcon, an ideal attraction for experiential tourism

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Cajamarca: a day at Granja Porcon, an ideal attraction for experiential tourism

It is an Andean evangelical community, it is located an hour and a half from the city of Cajamarca. In the last 40 years, it has developed a comprehensive reforestation project in the high Andean areas of Cajamarca, covering an area of ​​approximately ten thousand hectares, protecting the environment and caring for the environment as well as for wildlife. In its territory we can find a zoo where there is a diversity of animals from different parts of the world as exotic as Africa and Oceania. In the surroundings there are beautiful waterfalls, and there are designated spaces where you can practice trout fishing and participate in the milking of the cows.


Within its services we can find accommodation and a varied gastronomic proposal, as well as dairy products produced with milk from the area itself.


What to see and do at Granja Porcón?

There is so much information and the things that can be done on the farm that you need a visit of at least 3 days to see everything.


The recreational center offers agrotourism, camping and adventure tourism activities, such as milking cows, learning to prepare up to 16 types of cheese and other milk derivatives; practice rappelling, horseback riding, rafting, swimming in the river, trekking, downhill biking, caving, among others.


Visits to the Granja Porcón zoo are among the most popular in the area. A space with lions, geese, golden pheasants, bears, ostriches and other animals from the Peruvian coast, jungle and highlands.


On any day of the visit you can fish for trout, visit the forest nursery and explore the local handicrafts and fabrics, most of them items for sale.


Group meetings can also be held at the resort in a well-appointed room that can hold up to 200 people; It is also possible to attend meetings of the evangelical church and live the experience of eating as one more member of the farm, with foods typical of this valley.


Productive Zone

The Porcón Farm has not stopped producing during the time of the emergency. Its dairy products (cheese, yogurt, blancmange and others) are sold in the markets of Lima, Trujillo and Piura, as is the production of wood.


The cooperative also produces raspberries, mushrooms and trout, which are sold in the Cajamarca market by many families in the communities at affordable prices, as a way to help in economic recovery, Chilón said.


Rural Tourism in the Porcón Farm

This is a perfect place for Experiential Tourism or Rural Community Tourism, since the visitor participates in livestock, forestry and agricultural work, as well as taking ecological walks through the surrounding forests and fields.


The farm has more than twelve thousand hectares with a project of more than twenty-five years that consists of the reforestation of ten thousand of those hectares in the highlands, with the aim of providing protection and taking advantage of the soil in the area.


At the same time, the growth of the flora has been achieved, which is a reason for celebration for lovers of ecology and making this place one of the most important in this part of northern Peru.


In this paradisiacal place you can find exotic animals, which are cared for to preserve their existence, there is also a trout farm, you can enjoy horseback riding between the green grass and the forest, go camping, build your own store and cook your own food, a fascinating alternative to enjoy this magical attraction of the Sierra de Cajamarca.


Porcón Farm Tour

The experience at Granja Porcón combines agritourism, nature and cultural exchange.


For example, you can start the tour by exploring its zoo, which houses animals from the Peruvian coast, mountains and jungle. Afterwards, the visitor will have the opportunity to milk cows and help in the preparation of cheeses and butters. These activities are part of the packages offered by the farm itself (granjaporcon.org.pe).


Another experience that is part of the circuit is the visit to the forest nursery, at this point you will learn about planting trees and the process of growing, planting, and harvesting wood. By lunchtime, it's time to fish for trout. Close the day exploring the crafts and fabrics made by the community.


If you are looking to spend a vacation away from the city, we recommend staying at Granja Porcón itself. There are cabins with everything you need. La Granja Porcón has a hotel, whose rooms have fireplaces, private bathrooms and an excellent view of the entire natural panorama. In its typical restaurant you will find products from the farm and in its shops, dairy and regional products such as butter, cheese, yogurt, blancmange, textiles and handicrafts.



But if you just want to do a full day, the tourism agencies offer the tour from S/30 per person and includes transfers from the center of Cajamarca, guidance and entrance fee. If you want to do the walk on your own, the entrance fee to the attraction is S/7.


In addition to getting involved with agricultural activities, in this destination you will also have the opportunity to practice adventure sports such as canoeing, swimming in the river and cycling.


How to get to Granja Porcón?

The access roads built in the last 25 years make trips by car, bus, taxi or mototaxi a safe and pleasant journey of 1 hour and 20 minutes from the city center.


This paradise of flora and fauna can also be reached by plane from the interior of the country, since daily flights depart from Lima to the small Cajamarca airport, an air terminal just 30 minutes away from the farm by taxi.


The tourist agencies that make trips to the recreational center are in the Plaza de Armas and in other places in the historic center of the city.


Attention Hours

The attention is from Monday to Sunday, you can get there by hiring a tourist tour or in private mobility.

Entrance with ticket 7 soles for adults and 3 soles for children.



  • The temperature is between 15 to 20°C in the days, while at night it can touch 0°C, so the first recommendation is to wear plenty of clothing, comfortable shoes and sunscreen, because despite being more than 3 thousand m.a.s.l. there are very sunny days on the farm.
  • Between November and April it rains a lot, while the drought goes from May to October. A variant to take into account to plan the trip to the tourist center.
  • The visit will be more fun if you take a good book, cards and other board games to share and enjoy in your spare time after dinner. The camera should not be forgotten.
  • Inside the complex there are still no ATMs and although you can pay with Visa, the smart thing to do is to be prepared with cash.
  • One day will not be enough to cover everything that the farm includes, so another recommendation is to stay in its comfortable facilities and eat in its restaurants, whose star ingredients are trout and mushrooms.

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