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Traveling to Iquitos Peru

Traveling to Iquitos Peru

The Amazon of Peru is abundant, exuberant. The dark green of our jungle is home to dozens of ethnic groups and one of the most biodiverse natural systems on the planet. The Peruvian Amazon offers you the possibility of delving into the mystery of virgin nature, transporting yourself in time, at the origin of life, in the knowledge of megadiversity and enjoying the fantastic scenarios that are discovered while navigating the Amazon River, chosen among the new 7 natural wonders of the World. 

In the Andes of Peru is born the Amazon River, the longest and mighty in the world, its basin, with thousands of tributary rivers, is covered with dense vegetation and covers more than half of the Peruvian territory. The interesting thing is that the Peruvian Amazon is so big and mega-diverse that it could take months or years to get to know it, that's why a tourist infrastructure and circuits have been developed that allow visitors to choose the one that best suits their interests. 

The city of Iquitos, is the main port on the Amazon River, the largest city in the Peruvian jungle and the largest city in the world without roads. From its strategic position, in an area where numerous rivers converge (Itaya, Nanay, Morona, Napo, etc.) Iquitos becomes, in general, the starting point to explore the Amazonian northern forest.


Quick Itinerary: 

Day 1 Iquitos to Iguana Lodge, explore the Amazon river and the Monkeys Island 

Day 2 Yanayacu Creek, visit an ethnic group and visit the "Fundo Pedrito" 


Iquitos Amazon:  

  • Iquitos is one of the largest cities in Peru and the world, without access by roads, you can only access it by river or air. For this reason, it is considered an island. 
  • Currently there are flights to / from Lima, Pucallpa, and Tarapoto, among other destinations.
  • Iquitos, has a tropical climate, therefore, there is no summer or winter. The stations are measured according to the waters of the rivers; Vaciante (April - September) and Crescent (October - March). 
  • Iquitos is one of the city's cradles to try a variety of exotic foods, among which I can highlight: suri, monkeys, añujes, and other species that are not easily found in other parts of the world. 
  • The "Juane" is a gastronomic symbol of the city. A typical meal based on rice, chicken and wrapped in bijao leaves. To enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Day 1: Iquitos to Iguana Lodge
Inca Trail Machu

We pick you up from your hotel to transfer to the picturesque port of Bellavista, where we will board the boat that will take us to Iguana Lodge through the Amazon river. We will make a stop to observe the union of the Amazon and Nanay Rivers, highlighting the colors of the waters of both rivers that do not mix uniformly. 

We will continue the trip of approximately 1 hour sailing the largest river in the world and considered one of the natural wonders and enjoying the beautiful landscapes and the possibility of seeing freshwater dolphins (Pink and Gray) and some birds like: Herons, Martin fisherman, etc.

We arrive at the Iguana Lodge, where our staff will welcome you and a tour of our facilities, waiting for you with a refreshing fruit juice from the region. 

Afterwards we will have a short break enjoying the lodge and the amazonas at its maximum splendor. Then we will enjoy the tipical lunch prepared with regional products. 

In the afternoon, we will visit a primate reserve called "Monkeys Island", where we will meet 10 species of primates from the Amazon, such as: Woolly monkey, Titi monkey, Spider monkey, Tamarin, Howler monkey, Marmoset, among other species. The Island of the Monkeys is a Center dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and liberation of Primates victims of trade and illegal hunting.

Then, we will have an artisanal fishing excursion of Piranhas and other species of fish typical of the Amazon. We will sail in search of the River Dolphins (Pink and Gray). Here you will have the option of swimm in the Amazon river enjoying a peaceful sunset.

Returning to the Lodge, we will enjoy the dinner, tasting delicious regional cocktails. 

At night, we will walk around the lodge to observe: Spiders, frogs, snakes and at the same time listening to the different sounds of nocturnal animals that inhabit the jungle.

Overnight at Iguana Lodge.

Day 2: Yanayacu ravine, visit an ethnic group and visit the
Inca Trail Machu

We will start our first excursion at 5:00 am with a magical tour of the Yanayacu ravine, some black waters to watch the sunrise and observe the activity of the fauna of the area such as birds, dolphins, the ride will be in a typical boat of the area.

We will enjoy a delicious typical breakfast based on regional fruits.

Then we will make an ethnobotanical walk through the jungle in order to learn about Amazonian medicinal plants and the relationship they have with the people who live in the jungle. In addition, we will observe different trees. 

We will visit the native Yaguas ethnic group where you will learn and learn about their customs and experiences that they carry out every day. We can also participate in their dances and buy some crafts for your memory. 

Then we will return to the lodge to enjoy a typical lunch, and rest a little in the hammocks. 

Finally we will return to the city of Iquitos, not before making a stop to visit the "Fundo Pedrito" which is a breeding center of 3 species of animals very representative of the Amazon as: El Paiche, the world's largest freshwater fish; the white alligator, and the piranhas and we will observe the largest aquatic plant in the world called "Victoria Regia".

We continue the trip back to the city of Iquitos. 

Transfer to the Airport or Hotel.


Inca Trail Machu

  • Land and river transfers 
  • Accommodation at Iguana Lodge 
  • Full meals (breakfast - lunch - dinner) 
  • Excursions described in the programs 
  • Bilingual Guide 
  • Personalized assistance

Not Included
Inca Trail Machu

  • Air ticket 
  • Tips 
  • Others not mentioned

Inca Trail Machu

  • Never try to enter the jungle without the company of an experienced guide and all the necessary logistics. 
  • Always seek the support of park rangers or local guides. Their service does not have a high cost and allows you to enjoy their knowledge and the proverbial hospitality of the local people. 
  • To enter protected natural areas, do not forget that you need to have an authorization issued by the national office or the regional units of SERNANP (National Service of Protected Areas). If you hire an organized tour, the tour operator will process this authorization prior to your arrival, thus saving time. 
  • Also remember that, in general, the tourism infrastructure is scarce or nonexistent in the protected natural areas, so it is necessary to hire the services of a company with experience in the region or find out if it is possible to camp in the area.

What to pack
Inca Trail Machu

  • Insect repellent 
  • Solar protection 
  • A flashlight 
  • Cotton clothes 
  • Plastic bag 
  • A raincoat 
  • Money in cash
  • Long pants


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