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Travel Insurance

You have already chosen a tour in Peru and everything is ready for your trip, but now you ask yourself Do I need travel insurance for Peru? Which travel insurance for Peru? Well, if it is mandatory that each traveler is adequately insured against personal accidents and medical expenses.


If you are planning to hike to the Inca Trail or trekking to the high mountains,  it is very important to book the best travel insurance is one that covers high altitude and adventure activities.


Inca Trail Machu works with the World Nomads Travel Insurance during the tours in Peru. To travel to Peru is not risky, but it is very important to prevent. Choose the best travel insurance by yourself or you can choose the world Nomads and you will do your trips in Peru without worries!


We offer you the best travel insurance to Peru. This travel insurance is mandatory to participate in any of our trips.


The travel medical insurance for Peru covers the Overseas Medical Expenses, such as hospitalisation, day surgery and out-patient treatment, vsits to registered medical practitioners, prescribed medicines, ambulances, extra expenses to get you home, if medically necessary; Overseas Dental, such as an unexpected infection, a broken tooth, an injure in your mouth or jaw in an accident; Accident Overseas, including hospitalisation, day surgery and out-patient treatment, visits to registered medical practitioners, prescribed medicines, medical evacuation including air ambulance; Health Emergencies; Emergency Treatment Overseas and, if necessary, cover to rearrange your initial travel plans or for specialist medical transportation to get you home. Also, if you're traveling while pregnant, and you're suddenly ill or injured or you have an unexpected pregnancy complication, all of our policies cover emergency medical treatment, hospitalisation, ambulances, transport to get you home for ongoing treatment (if medically required), and 24 hour/7 day multi-lingual assistance teams.



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