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Ancon, the seaside resort par excellence in North Lima

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Ancon, the seaside resort par excellence in North Lima

Ancón, that is the name of one of the most historic spas north of Lima. This beach was one of the most popular summer tourist spots during the 19th century; Its fame was such that it is known that President Balta himself ordered the construction of a railway that would lead to the area, because there were many notable residents of that time who frequented the spa that, at that time, did not have roads. sure to connect it with Lima.


Today, Ancón continues to be a must-see for those who frequent the beaches in the north of the capital; Today, that spa has access through roads, which in less than an hour can take visitors to this beautiful and famous beach that continues to enchant and show its history through its people. and of the different buildings that are in its surroundings and that are an example of the emergence of wealthy families at the beginning of the Republic.


The mansions of Ancón are an attraction in themselves of this spa and, at the same time, a reason why it is considered a historic spa where you can still see the houses that important characters inhabited, such as Balta himself, until passing through the writer costumbrista Ricardo Palma. Ancón is also a valuable territory at a historical level for being the headquarters in which the important Treaty of Ancón was signed, at the time of the War of the Pacific between Peru and Chile.


Today, Ancón, in addition to being a historic seaside resort, enjoys great popularity due to the richness of its beaches, which not only provide visitors with attractive waves, but also guano wealth, from the 13 islands found in the sea of ​​this beach and that are the living testimony of what was the "Guano Era" in Peru.


Competitions are also held in the sea of ​​Ancón, such as the Ancón-Pasamayo Casino Náutico Championship, an event whose venue is the different beaches that make up the Ancón spa complex and where sports such as surfing and bodyboarding, they have prominence.


The Sea of ​​Ancón also offers its water mirror for navigation, an activity that can be carried out thanks to the tourist boats that can be found on the different beaches that make it up. The boat ride through the sea of ​​Ancón, allows the visitor to learn more about the biodiversity of its territory, from the observation of animals such as sea lions, and guano birds that are resting on the different faces of the islands. of this beach.


Ancón, as a tourist resort, also offers its visitors other recreational and sports alternatives, such as the possibility of paragliding or kayaking, among others. Likewise, in the surroundings of the spa, there are all the necessary tourist resources to make the visitor's stay a unique experience, either with the modern and comfortable accommodations that it has, or with the exquisite marine food that is served in its restaurants.


Location of Ancón

Ancón is located about 40 kilometers away from the center of Lima, it is undoubtedly a beautiful and unique place.


History of Ancón

According to the dictionary of the Royal Academy, the word "Ancón" would be like a small cove, there are some similarities with native languages ​​such as Aymara where "Ancón" means fat and arched stones. The truth is that since the times of the Viceroyalty, this area was known as the old Ancón fishing port.


Ancón has always been used as an alternative port to Callao for all kinds of normal and emergency situations.


It is the oldest and most glamorous resort in Lima, just 43 km north of our capital, the beautiful bay where 30 years ago the most elegant young people fell in love, the legendary beach of Las Anconetas, the Yacht Club parties and the endearing festival.


Today, under the same sun, this place is the favorite of the northern cone on summer Sundays.


Fashionable Lima spa

At almost 30 degrees of temperature, people arrive longing for a good dip, crowded buses that take them to the promised land and if you forget something, don't worry, they sell everything here.


Touring the bay in an elegant sports boat, Ancón is discovered like a postcard of incalculable beauty, wonderful private piers, a floating tap and beautiful buildings that are reminders of a golden age. In that sea that today hosts thousands of beachgoers every weekend who just want to have a good time in one of the most discreet places in Lima.


At lunchtime, everyone is obliged to visit the dock and enjoy the best fish, seasoned by expert hands in the cevicherías of Ancón.


The beaches of Ancón await you, perhaps not with the glamor of yesteryear, but as a perfect place for families to find a very popular beach Sunday.


How to get to the Ancón spa?

In order to reach the Ancón spa, it is necessary to go through the North Pan-American highway, up to kilometer 44, from here, the sea awaits visitors, after passing through a detour of almost three kilometers.


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