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Azpitia: The balcony of the sky, an ideal destination

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Azpitia: The balcony of the sky, an ideal destination

If you are looking to escape to a place with beautiful nature and adventure activities, the town of Azpitia is an option that you should take into account. Located just an hour and a half from Lima, it is known for its good weather throughout the year and its excellent views of the Mala River valley.


Azpitia offers activities for all tastes. From quiet walks to horseback riding and ATV. Other must-sees are their shrimp-based dishes. Due to its innumerable green areas, it is perfect to be visited any weekend with friends or family.



Also known as El Balcón del Cielo for the magnificent view it offers of the Mala river valley, San Vicente de Azpitia has become one of the ideal refuges for weekends and a must-see destination for lovers of trekking and mountain biking. mountain. In the area it is possible to find country restaurants and artisanal wine.



San Vicente de Azpitia has a privileged climate that is characterized by being dry and sunny throughout the year. It is similar to that of Lunahuaná. Most of the year it is recommended to wear light clothing (shorts, polo shirts) during the day, as well as sunglasses with UV protection, sunscreen, a cap or hat, and mosquito repellent lotion, due to the proximity of the Mala River. In winter it is enough to wrap yourself up in a sweater or jacket at night.


History of Azpitia

Around 1900, 30 farmers and pioneers got together to open an old irrigation canal, these 30 hardworking entrepreneurs came from far away to carry out their work with enthusiasm but always in collaboration, a characteristic that the current inhabitants of the area still preserve, another custom the Picante Azpitiano that consists of the mixture of 12 ingredients that were part of the lunches that these 30 pioneers had, and that now are part of the Azpitian tradition every time they have to hold an event they make this spicy for sale and collect the funds necessary for the activity or need they have. Based on drive and solidarity, these people have achieved many goals, which is why in 1901, President Eduardo López de Romaña granted the concession to irrigate the Azpitia pampas.


Upon receiving the news, ten days later, the pioneers of the place determined that every March 11 the foundation of Azpitia would be remembered and they named San Vicente Mártir as their patron saint.


The 30 fighters of Azpitia

Here are the names of these 30 fighters who deserve to be remembered for their great entrepreneurship, courage and for the legacy of solidarity they have left in their descendants.


  • Jose Candelario Caycho
  • Alexander Valderrama
  • Nicasio Malca
  • Thomas Navarro
  • John Louis Caycho
  • Jose Manuel Caycho
  • Manuel Criset
  • Fermin Chumpitáz
  • Jose Arias
  • Jacinto R. Chauca
  • Martin E. Chauca
  • Rupert Gomez
  • Santiago Arias
  • Anacleto Agapito
  • Nemesio Agapito
  • Manuel Arias
  • Juan Aburto
  • Jose de la Cruz Arias
  • Fortunate Torres
  • John of God Quispe
  • Paul Manco
  • Lucas E. Champac
  • Daffodil Whose
  • Bonaventure Whose
  • Cyprian Whose
  • Saturnino Yaya
  • Jose A. Agapito
  • Calixto Chumpitáz
  • Eulogio Rodriguez

Aria Roses

The Azpitians continue to preserve their traditions. They are a people who live in community and like festivities. The works in Azpitia have been carried out with the effort and collaboration of the entire town and, as we mentioned before, where the Picante Azpitiano is not lacking. It is not for nothing that former president Fernando Belaúnde Terry awarded them the Bronze Lamp, in honor of his hard work.



San Vicente de Azpitia is characterized because it has a countryside surrounded by farmland where fruit trees such as apple trees, lucumos and pacaes grow. In the area you can practice mountain biking and walks in the surrounding hills.


Holy Cross of Flowers

Between San Antonio and San Vicente de Azpitia we find this small and picturesque town whose main activity is the artisanal production of wine and pisco. It has more than 18 wineries located from the entrance of Santa Cruz de Flores to Azpitia, most of them artisanal, offering the best pisco and wines in the area.


The Salt Flats

There are three pools that are famous for having healing waters. They are known as La Milagrosa, La Mellicera and La Encantada, and each one cures a different illness. If you dare to visit them, you should go up to km 67 of the Panamericana Sur, passing Chilca.



This quiet Cañetano district is surrounded by beautiful orchards and bread crops. It is located just 20 km east of Mala and 290 m.a.s.l. Nearby you can see some petroglyphs that, according to scholars, date from 1000 BC. and show the life of the man of that time.


Gastronomy in Azpitia

Shrimp is the star of Azpitia's cuisine. For this reason, tasting the chupe, the tortilla and the ceviche, made based on this tasty river ingredient, is an experience that you should not miss.


Horseback Riding in Las Cabañas de Azpitia

Riding the Peruvian Paso horse is the favorite activity of the guests and visitors of the hotel and restaurant in Las Cabañas de Azpitia. In addition, they have a weekly show performed by a chalan to the rhythm of the music of Chabuca Granda and Óscar Avilés.


Pisco from San Vicente de Azpitia and Santa Cruz de Flores

San Vicente de Azpitia and Santa Cruz de Flores have 18 producing wineries, among them Sarcay de Azpitia stands out. If you decide to meet her, you will be able to discover the production process of her piscos and wines. In addition, you can taste its best varietals recognized worldwide such as muscatel, toronquel and albilla. In addition, you will be able to visit its bar-restaurant and toast with pisco sour and its different fruit macerates.


Trekking and Mountain Biking in Azpitia

The meadows and natural routes of Azpitia make up wonderful landscapes, but they are also the favorites of cyclists and lovers of trekking. It is not necessary to bring your own bicycle since you can rent one to explore the hills surrounding the Mala River and observe fields of apple trees, lucumos and bananas.


Restaurant the Balcony of Heaven in Azpitia

This gastronomic establishment bears the name by which Azpitia is also known. Its perfect location on the hill that directly overlooks the Mala Valley allows you to have an unbeatable view of it. However, its shrimp-based dishes deserve to be highlighted as well.


How to get?

Azpita is located an hour and a half from Lima.


By car. To get there, go along the Panamericana Sur until km 80, at the height of León Dormido beach, and then take the detour under the tunnel that leads to San Antonio. From there, you must take the detour to the left, which leads to the district of Santa Cruz de Flores, and continues along a trail until you reach San Vicente de Azpitia.


By Bus. Follow the Lima-Mala route. You can take the buses that go to Mala (better known as “maleños”) and then take a combi or taxi to Azpitia. (Between S/2 and S/15). From Monday to Sunday the buses charge between S/4 and S/5. On holidays the ticket can cost S / 20.


You can take them at: Jr. Leticia, almost at the intersection with Jr Ayacucho, one block from Av. Abancay and 2 blocks from Av. Grau in downtown Lima; Av. Circunvalación in front of Plaza Vea de Salamanca; outside the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of San Marcos; Av. Circunvalación: Whereabouts Las Viñas, in front of the Essalud Polyclinic in San Luis; Av. Circunvalación with Av. Canada; Atocongo Bridge and Alipio Ponce Bridge.


Where to stay?

In Azpitia there are few lodgings. Prices range from S/ 40 (double bed) to S/ 360 (cabins). One of the most recommended is El Mayoral de Azpitia, which is very close to the main square. Prices start at S/ 175 per night.


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