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Balcony of Huaura - Tourism in Lima

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Balcony of Huaura - Tourism in Lima

From this place the first cry of freedom of Peru was given, on November 27, 1820, during the liberating expedition of General Don José de San Martín.



Huaura is a province located 150 kilometers from the city of Lima, its climate is warm and it hardly ever rains. The Balcony of Huaura or better known as the Balcony of Independence, is located in the Plaza de Armas of Huaura.



The Balcony of Huaura is famous because from there, the Liberator San Martin proclaimed the independence of Peru, which would have repercussions throughout Latin America.


Without a doubt, it is a place of great historical and national importance and if you find yourself doing tourism in Lima, this is a must-see that you must do.


In addition to this, the Argentine Liberator San Martin also lived in Huaura, on the El Ingenio hacienda and chose this place to make it the headquarters of the Liberation Army.



The house where the historic balcony is located, was converted, preserved and cared for as a Site Museum since 1974 as a memory and tribute of the Peruvian state to the Argentine Liberator San Martin.

The house was built with thatch, mud and wood, dates from the 17th century and was owned by Don Fermín Francisco de Carvajal y Vargas, until the arrival of General Don José de San Martín with his Liberation Army, in this house he installed his headquarters General and the Headquarters of the Presidency of the Coast since February 1821.



Today the Huaura Site Museum operates in its premises. Created by Law No. 15148 of 1974, the house still preserves paintings that show scenes from the Liberation Campaign and the characters who participated in it; furniture used by the Liberator in his residence at the Ingenio hacienda; three (03) colonial cannons - 18th century and an exhibition of pre-Hispanic ceramics from the areas of Acaray and Rontoy.


The museum house also shows rooms with pre-Columbian objects from the Peruvian Coast tours that are more than 5,000 years old, so we can see pitchers, vessels and bone remains.


The Site Museum "Memorial of Don Jose de San Martín" On Friday, September 6, 1974, the Site Museum was inaugurated, a work undertaken in Huaura by the National Commission for the Sesquicentennial of the Independence of Peru, in the house that bears the name of the Liberator, from whose historic balcony he proclaimed the Independence of Peru.


Undoubtedly a place full of history, and that notably marks the passing of the times: Colonial, Independence and Republican that Peru lived through.


To enjoy sightseeing in Lima, don't forget to bring your sunscreen (preferably factor 75) and camera.



The museum has the following rooms:

  • Assembly Hall
  • Room of the Peruvian Legion and the Numancia Battalion.
  • Flags room.
  • Archeology room.
  • Balcony room
  • Library.
  • First Yard

Entrance Fee

  • Adults s/. 2.00
  • University students s/. 1.00
  • Children s/. 0.50

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are from 9:00 in the morning to 5:30 in the afternoon from Monday to Sunday.


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