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Bayoz Waterfall: the most visited waterfall in the jungle

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Bayoz Waterfall: the most visited waterfall in the jungle

The Bayoz waterfall is made up of a series of beautiful emerald green waterfalls, which form crystalline pools along their route. In each waterfall, pools are formed, not very deep, which allow you to cool off and practice swimming. It is the most visited tourist attraction in the Central Jungle and access is through the paved road to Yurinaki, where the unpaved road begins to the falls, which is accessed after a short walk of approximately 10 min.


In the surroundings of the Bayoz waterfall there are plantations of citrus, coffee, corn, fruits, etc.


You can also see many shrubs and trees among which stand out the moena, walnut, yungul, palm trees, lianas, epiphytes, ferns, bromeliads, mosses, among others.


Location of the Bayoz Waterfall

The Bayoz Waterfall is located in the minor populated center of Puerto Yurinaki, Perené district, Chanchamayo province and Junín region.


Bayoz Waterfall

The district of Perené, also known as the "City of the Three Plateaus", is located in Chanchamayo, in the central jungle of Peru, within the department of Junín. This town, located 330 km from Lima, is home to native Asháninca communities. It has lush vegetation and beautiful landscapes full of mountains, valleys, lagoons and waterfalls.


Likewise, it has a rugged relief that offers an incredible variety of activities, such as canoeing, canopy, rappelling or trekking. It is an ideal destination for those who enjoy admiring nature and enjoying adventure sports. Its magnificent biodiversity – it has a great variety of mammals and birds; among them, the famous cock of the rocks – makes it the perfect place for lovers of flora and fauna observation.


The magical waterfall of Bayoz

The Bayoz Waterfall is a magnificent waterfall that is born from the waters of the Bayoz River and is located very close to the district of Perené (only 30 kilometers away). This impressive 60-meter-high waterfall is highly frequented by travelers who have the central jungle of Peru as their vacation destination. This paradisiacal place also offers surroundings full of greenery and undulating paths that invite you to connect with nature.


Likewise, the waterfall is characterized by presenting a staggered shape that flows into a natural pool that makes it the perfect place to relax in its waters. Visitors can enjoy a delicious bath without the fear of being hit by the waterfall.


The entrance fee to the waterfall is S/2 for adults and S/1 for children. In addition, in the parking lot you can have the possibility of buying handicrafts, souvenirs, food and fruits.


How to get?

To get to the Bayoz Waterfall from Lima, you must purchase a ticket to Perené. The cheapest ticket to this destination is priced at S/45. Then, your next stop should be the Puerto Yurinaki Population Center, a tour that lasts approximately 25 minutes.


Puerto Yurinaki is a great tourist attraction in the central jungle of Peru. This populated center is located at 700 m s. no. m. and is usually visited by extreme sports fans and nature lovers. The reason? It has impressive waterfalls and monumental stone walls that make this place a favorite vacation destination.


When you are in the Yurinaki Port, you must take a motorcycle taxi that, in an estimated 15 minutes, will take you to the parking lot of the waterfall. And, from there, you will start a walk for another 15 minutes along a marked path full of beautiful natural landscapes, flora and fauna until you reach the Bayoz Waterfall. Enjoy its majestic waters!


Tips for the traveler

  • Do not forget your bathing clothes because you will undoubtedly want to take a dip in the waters of the waterfall.
  • The path is usually slippery, so wear shoes and a trekking stick to avoid falls during the walk.
  • The camera is an essential in your travel kit to capture every moment of this impressive trip.
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent should not be missing from your backpack either.
  • Take cash with you to cover some additional expenses.
  • Also bring water and some snacks to make the tour more pleasant.
  • It never hurts to carry a first aid kit. Better safe than sorry!
  • Hiring the services of a certified tour guide is highly recommended.

What is the weather like in Perene?

This district is characterized by its tropical climate and has an average annual temperature of 23 °C. Usually, this town suffers from constant rainfall even in the driest month, which is usually June. If your trip is planned for the month of February, consider bringing the necessary equipment such as winter shoes and raincoats, since it is usually the month of the year in which the rains increase in intensity.



  • July is the best month to visit the Bayoz Waterfall because its waters keep the temperature cool and, in this way, you can enjoy a relaxing bath in the natural pool for longer.
  • The inhabitants of the Puerto Yurinaki Populated Center are producers of citrus, coffee and bananas. You cannot leave this place without trying one of these products.
  • The Yurinaki Canyon has rocky walls that are over 100 meters high, making it a favorite spot for rappelling fans.

Other waterfalls in Chanchamayo


  1. Bridal Veil

Very close to the Bayoz Waterfall is another very famous waterfall, known as the Bridal Veil, which also derives from the Bayoz River and is located in the high jungle or rupa rupa at 535 m a.s.l. no. m. Upon arriving at this magnificent place, you will be captivated by the impressive waterfall, with a unique drop of 50 meters that carries the water towards a narrow canyon with walls reaching 100 meters in height.


This place is a wildlife sanctuary, since exotic animals such as the paucar bird, the spectacled bear, deer and skunks inhabit it. The favorite months to visit the waterfall are between April and December.


Velo de Novia is located just 15 minutes from the Bayoz Waterfall. The way to access this natural space is by descending to the Yurinaki canyon along a cobbled path. To enter you have to pay a ticket whose value for adults is S/1.50 and for children, S/1.


  1. Tiger's Mouth

This waterfall is located at kilometer 33 in Perené, 30 minutes from La Merced. It is located within a private property known as Fundo La Alborada. This natural spectacle offers tourists the possibility of navigating its waters in small tour boats for a price of S/3, tasting the coconut water that the vendors of the place sell and even being able to see the amazing profile image of a gorilla in one of its huge stones.


There are two ways to get to Boca de Tigre. The easiest and fastest option is to take a transport service that takes you to the place in just 10 minutes, and then complete the tour with a 5-minute downhill walk. The second alternative consists of walking up a 1 km path, where you will be able to appreciate 10 waterfalls, until finally reaching Boca de Tigre.


The entrance time to the waterfall is from 9 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon. You must pay an entry valued at S/2 for children and S/3 for adults.


  1. Tyrol

This waterfall has three jumps of 30 meters high. Each of these falls increases its extension flow in the rainy season, reaching up to 7 meters wide. At the foot of this natural wonder there is a shallow natural pool where visitors can enjoy a bath.


To get to this natural attraction, in Chanchamayo (La Merced), you must take a bus to San Ramón, which takes 15 minutes. Then, you must go by motorcycle taxi to the beginning of the pedestrian path. From there, you should prepare to undertake a 40-minute walk to the El Tirol Waterfall.


Recommendations for visiting the falls

If you want to respect the harmony of this natural landscape and, in addition, preserve your physical integrity during the tour of some of the Chanchamayo waterfalls, you should follow some general advice:

  • The most important thing is to keep any of the natural spaces you visit clean.
  • Avoid throwing garbage, detergents or chemical products into the water.
  • Preserve the flora and fauna of the place.
  • Follow the trail according to the signs to prevent accidents.

Gastronomy of the central jungle of Peru

Nothing better than delighting your palate with the typical gastronomy of each holiday destination. Through food, you can get a little closer to our culture and traditions. Take advantage of your stay in the Peruvian jungle and request any of these dishes at any restaurant in Perené, Chachamayo or Junín:

  • Patarashca: this recipe consists of wrapping any river fish in bijao leaves. Then, it is cooked using the technique of roasting in firewood or charcoal.
  • Cecina with tacacho: a characteristic dish of the jungle. It is based on preparing pork and roasted plantains, seasoned with previously pickled onion and lemon.
  • Juane: it is a tasty recipe that uses rice and chicken meat as the main ingredients. They are wrapped in bijao leaves to later be cooked.

Best Tours in Peru

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