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Visit the romantic Bridge of Sighs in Barranco

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Visit the romantic Bridge of Sighs in Barranco

In the heart of Barranco is the Bridge of Sighs, a traditional wooden bridge wrapped in an air of romanticism, for having been the place that began countless love relationships in Lima.


The story also tells that whoever crosses the bridge holding their breath will have their wish fulfilled.


The bridge was initially built in 1876 and after the War of the Pacific, which completely destroyed it, it has undergone a series of reconstructions until today, but it is still part of the tourist icons of Lima.


The Bridge of Sighs is located in the heart of Barranco, a traditional wooden bridge wrapped in an air of romanticism, for having been the place that began countless love relationships in Lima.


It was built in 1876, due to the need to join the ends of the ravine and allow passage between Ayacucho and La Ermita streets. Although now there is no water running under the bridge, it is still the favorite place for couples who visit the area and the inspiration for composers and writers who found the muses in the creaking of its timbers.



The Bridge of Sighs is part of the history of Lima. It was built in the last third of the 19th century under the need to unite the two ends of the ravine. This was inaugurated on February 14.


During the War with Chile, as a result of the passage of Chilean troops through the area, its structure was damaged, for which reason it had to be rebuilt later. This bridge, which initially had a functional purpose, adopted its current name due to the attraction it generated for couples in love.


Over time, it became so popular that not only lovers, but also artists have used it as a source of inspiration. So much so that he is even the protagonist of the song "Bridge of Sighs" performed by Chabuca Granda.


Bridge Legends

The Bridge of Sighs is not only beautiful for its design, but for the legends that surround it:


The most popular is the one that attracts couples in love to the Bridge. And it is said that if he crosses holding his breath, the wish of love that is requested will be fulfilled.


Another legend says that the daughter of a wealthy man was forbidden to see the man she loved, because he was "a simple sweeper." With her broken heart, she would stand by her bedroom window and sigh so melancholy that the people crossing the bridge could hear her.


What to do in and around the Bridge of Sighs?

The Bridge of Sighs is located on what is the descent of Baños, one of the most picturesque places in the district, in the middle of bars like Santos and Picas as well as monuments such as the Hermitage of Barranco and also the monument of Chabuca Granda with its Chalán on a horse that represents one of his songs called «José Antonio».


Visiting the Bridge of Sighs means much more than walking through the pedestrian walkway, as an example of this I have compiled the 5 best things you can do in the Bridge of Sighs and its surrounding areas.


Make a wish on the Bridge of Sighs

Legend has it that if you make a love wish and cross the Bridge of Wishes holding your breath, that wish will come true.


This belief has been responsible for several proposals for marriages by domestic visiting couples and one or two foreigners, especially on February 14 while Valentine's Day is celebrated.


Take the route to the Costa Verde

At the bottom of the bridge is the Bajada de Baños, a pedestrian area that leads to the Costa Verde.


Not only do you have a viewpoint but you can cross a pedestrian bridge to cross the Costa Verde and reach the sea, something you should definitely do when visiting the bridge during the summer.


Along the way you will see old houses from the early Republican era, although many of them have been converted into restaurants, in their beginnings they served as beach houses for the upper class of Lima society.


Try one of the best anticuchos in Barranco

It is unimaginable to go to the Bridge of Sighs and not eat anticuchos, the favorite place is the Anticuchería Tío Mario located next to the bridge.


The cost of its portions is around S/ 20 but if you are looking for something cheaper you can visit another of the restaurants in the area.


Know the graffiti of Barranco

Urban art and bohemian life come together and you don't have to walk far to come across its famous murals such as "Todas las Sangres" by the artist Entes or "El Hogar de un Suspiro" by the artist Jade Rivera, both located in Bajada de Baños .


Visit La Ermita Church

When crossing the Bridge of Sighs you arrive at La Ermita Church, an old place of pilgrimage for fishermen and travelers who visited the chapel with the intention of having a favorable trip.


The church that we see today is not the same one that was initially erected in the 18th century, since it was looted and burned in 1881 during the War of the Pacific and rebuilt in 1882.


It was declared a historical monument in 1955, although unfortunately it cannot be entered today due to damage to its structure, a restoration project for the church is awaiting.


At what time of the day is it better to visit it?

You can visit the Bridge of Sighs at any time, although the evening would be the ideal occasion to explore its old timbers. At that time the lanterns are lit and a magical atmosphere surrounds the place.


If you walk from the Municipal Park of Barranco to this point, it will take you about 2 minutes, it is very close. There wide stairs in the middle of green gardens take you to the famous Bridge of Sighs. The same one that crosses the Bajada de los Baños, being a real charm for couples and tourists.


How to get to the Bridge of Sighs?

If you are the ones who like to walk, you can walk the entire Barranco boardwalk to the end where you will find the Ermita church and on one side you will find the Bridge of Sighs.


Another way to get there is by metropolitan bus to the Bulevar station. From there it is only necessary to walk about 5 minutes to Avenida San Martín.


The fastest and safest way is using a taxi service to the center of Barranco or you can also tell the driver to take you to the Bridge of Sighs.


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