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An oasis near Lima: The Enchanted Lagoon

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An oasis near Lima: The Enchanted Lagoon

If you are looking for a peaceful place to camp and find yourself with nature, in addition to enjoying a good dip in this summer, which is coming with force. The Enchanted Lagoon is the best option for you to fully relax.


This beautiful natural formation is constituted by the filtrations and irrigation of the area, since it is attractive because it has great vegetation and a variety of birds. In this place we can take boat rides, but also take walks on the shore, camp in the surroundings or bathe in its waters, which is very good in the summer months. This lagoon, which was formerly known as Paraquincho, is located northeast of Huacho, in Pampa de Ánimas.


The inhabitants say that a huge snake lives in its dark waters that takes care of the treasures that are kept in its depths. Legend says that this monster called Huaracuy appears in the winter seasons, after a drizzle is interrupted by the sun. The tenuous waters of this lagoon are agitated and within the whirlpool the figure of this mythical character emerges, who with extraordinary strength, quickly jumps and sinks his teeth on the shore of the lagoon, transforming himself into an enormous rainbow.


The Enchanted Lagoon

The Enchanted Lagoon is a perfect oasis for camping, surrounding yourself with nature and taking a good dip. In this place you can enjoy calm and turquoise waters, an ideal setting to relax and cool off these days when the sun is with us.


This wetland is located in the city of Huacho, province of Huaura (Lima), famous for its boating and is perfect for camping with friends or family. The best thing about the trip is that the entrance to the lagoon is free.



To get there from Lima, take the buses that go along the Panamericana Norte. The trip takes 2 and a half hours to Huacho. There are transport companies that carry out the Lima – Huacho route. Arriving in this city, we got off at the oval that is located on the Panamericana Norte, from where there are taxi lines that go to the Laguna Encantada (the cost of the service is 10 soles). The journey takes only 15 minutes.



But the origin of the aforementioned snake is narrated in the legend of two very hard-working brothers who lived in the area, who were very close and helpful to each other. One fine day an old woman came to these lands accompanied by a young girl, who was very beautiful, she had black eyes, long hair and fair complexion.

The brothers were struck by the beauty of the girl and began to court her, each on her side, but she did not decide on either of them. She until she tested the love they felt, challenging them to bring the greatest treasure.


Both in their eagerness to be chosen went out to find what their beloved wanted. The older one had better luck and was able to find what he was looking for. The other on the other hand, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't do it. Jealousy and envy invaded him, so he ambushed and killed him, to later sink her body to the bottom of the lagoon.


What the man did not know was that the old woman who accompanied the young woman was a sorceress who realized what he had done to obtain the girl's love, so she punished him by turning him into a great snake, which sheltered in the waters of this lagoon.


How to get?

If you are in Lima and you are driving your own car, take the Panamericana Norte highway and approximately at km 147 there is a detour to reach the lagoon. You will have to pass a small desert of 4 km.


There are also transport companies that carry out the Lima - Huacho route. Arriving in this city, we got off at the oval located on the Panamericana Norte, where there are taxi lines that go to the Laguna La Encantada from S/ 10 soles.


What to do?

One of the attractions of this lagoon are boat rides (S/ 4 soles) and horseback riding (S/ 10 soles); but, if you prefer, you can walk along its shores or take a refreshing bath. You can also observe different animals and climb the surrounding hills to have an incredible view.


In addition, there are barbecue areas and restaurants, the price of the dishes is from S/ 20 soles.


Don't forget to bring your sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, cap, and plenty of water to stay hydrated. Also, keep your waste in a bag so as not to accumulate garbage in this beautiful wetland.


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