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Frozen waterfalls of Panagua in Peru

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Frozen waterfalls of Panagua in Peru

These waterfalls are frozen most of the time: Paychi Paccha, Chillhuani and Pukara. You can also go up to the Intihuatana viewpoint and the Achachi Andean sanctuary. Only the waters of the Hatun Paqcha waterfall do not freeze because they have a higher concentration level of this liquid element.


Among the flora of the area, nettle, moss, chilca, kishuar, ferns and trees such as eucalyptus and pine stand out. Within the fauna you can see foxes, vizcachas and birds such as the kivio.


The falls are located at 4,367 meters above sea level, in the annex of Panagua.



The Panahua Waterfall is a natural resource that is located in the district of Orcopampa, in the province of Castilla, in the region of Arequipa. The peculiarity of this natural resource, despite the fact that it is a waterfall, is that most of the time its waters are totally frozen.



The Panahua waterfall has a height of fifty meters and in fact, its attraction lies in the solid state of its waters. In order to access this resource, it is necessary to first go to Orcopampa. From the district of Orcopampa, continue with a 4x4 vehicle to Panahua, where, at the entrance gate of the resource, the sum of S/1.50 must be paid.


How is the road?

The road from the entrance of the waterfall, to the resource itself, comprises a 600-meter trail, which can be completed in less than twenty minutes. As it has entrance control, the Panahua waterfall can only be visited from 8 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon.

Activities at the Panahua Waterfall.


Among the activities that can be done at the waterfall are taking pictures, trekking, as well as peaceful bird watching. The path that this waterfall presents also allows access to interesting trails such as caves, ritual scenes of payments to the Apus, among others.

Keep in mind that there is no tourist infrastructure in the same resource, and that the closest one is in the town of Orcopampa.


How to get?

From Arequipa you must go by car to Orcopampa, a journey that takes around 8 hours. From there you go to Panahua on a road suitable only for 4 × 4, here is the entrance to the waterfall.


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