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Huancaya: 5 Activities to Enjoy this Destination

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Huancaya: 5 Activities to Enjoy this Destination

Know Huancaya one of the most enjoyable destinations in Peru, preferred by nature lovers and adventure sports enthusiasts.


If I travel to Huancaya what can I find? waterfalls and waterfalls of crystal clear water, turquoise water lagoons with abundant trout.


Also, forests of native trees, hills, creeks and a variety of flora and wildlife add to the hospitality of its people.


In Quechua Huancaya means town of large stones, was part of the Pre Inca people “Yauyos” and Vilca means sacred.


In addition, its archaeological remains are found in Huancayahuain and the Chulpas of Yuda and Cantusha.

Today, Huancaya, is defined as a peasant community dedicated to livestock, agriculture and tourism.


Location: Where is Huancaya?

Politically, Huancaya belongs to the province of Yauyos, Lima region provinces.


The populated center of Huancaya is located on the banks of the Yauyos River, surrounded by beautiful waterfalls and the hill of Huayllahuacran.


17 kilometers to the north, lies Vilca at the foot of the hills of San Cristobal and Cantagallo.

Due to its singular beauty, Huancaya is the number one tourist destination in the entire Nor Yauyos reserve.


Climate: How high is Huancaya?

The people of Huancaya enjoy an Andean climate throughout the year, with two well-defined seasons: Temperate and dry from May to December, the climate is pleasant at this time of year, with bright sunny days and cool nights.


The rainy season presents itself between the months of January to April, the sun shines in the mornings and it rains in the afternoons.

In general, the climate in Huancaya is cool, during the day the presence of sun and freezing afternoons are observed.


What is the temperature in Huancaya?

The average temperature in Huancaya is 13oC which varies seasonally between 8o and 22oc.


Very few times in history has the temperature dropped much more in Huancaya, so we suggest you pack thick clothes.


The altitude of Huancaya is 3554 msnm and Vilca has an altitude of 3800 msnm.


How to get to Huancaya?

Access routes from Lima

From Lima to Huancaya you can go by the following routes.


Following the route: Oroya – Pachacayo – Vilca – Huancaya.


Also, the southern route: Cañete - Lunahuana - Tinco Alis - Huancaya.


If you visit Huancayo the recommended route is Chupaca - Kero - Alis - Huancaya.


Distance from Lima: How many kilometers is it from Lima to Huancaya?


Following the penetration route of Lima – Cañete – Yauyos, the distance is 320km.


How long does it take to travel from Lima to Huancaya? the bus ride takes 7hours approx.


Travel to Huancaya with children

If we are thinking of traveling to Huancaya and want to do it with children, we should know that that will pose a problem.


It is that in the village we will not find activities for family tourism, with children under 5 years.


Therefore, before heading out, when traveling with kids, we have to keep in mind a number of things, to start their dni.


Traveling to my Vilca

Many are the ones who say that traveling to Vilca is not one of the main tourist destinations in Yauyos.


However, the eden of Yauyos has enough attractions as for an altitude visit.


Surrounded by mountains and farmland, Mi Vilca is located about 351 kilometers north of Yauyos.


In the interior of the village, perhaps that is where its tourist unfamiliarity lies, in the fact of being a rural village.


Economy in Huancaya

The inhabitants of Huancaya are engaged in agricultural activities such as livestock and agriculture.


Also to tourism and lower hierarchy activities are fish farming, trade, transportation.


Houses and dwellings in Huancaya

Family housing prevails in the populated centre, most of which have the services of electricity, water, and drainage.


However, almost all do not have adequate amenities, in Huancaya a growing problem of housing ownership.



The geographical location of Huancaya and Vilca is on a ravine, on the banks of the Yauyos River with wonderful scenery.


Its lagoons are south with concavities of beautiful ridgelines and islands that configure a beautiful geography.

Also, they possess with intra mountainous highland sector, in the western range and the Pariacaca.


The gastronomy of Huancaya

It is a faithful reflection of its history of Huancaya; and it is that gastronomy is a mixture of the autochthonous and Creole.

If anything characterizes the products of this yauyina cuisine, it is undoubtedly their freshness.


We found a great variety of meats, tubers and vegetables, utilized in many of their dishes.



You can identify a variety of ecosystems that make up your landscape, these are:


Forest: near the populated center you can see eucalyptus forests, in the upper parts quinuales and carcas forests.


Agricultural: pre-Inca platform structures that are used in agricultural activity, through stationary crops.

Riparian vegetation: along the Yauyos River grows the totora (Syrpus americanus) and others such as mosses, lichens, ferns, ushurro, etc.


Once you visit Huancaya, you will have the promising hope of always "Go back... go back... go back again..."

Enjoy Huancaya through our information and tourism guide, and come visit the most scenic land in Peru!


How to get to Huancaya?

If you leave from Lima, you must take a bus that takes you to Cañete. One of the companies that carry out this route is Turismo Cañete. The trip lasts approximately 3 hours, in which you can take the opportunity to get to know the most beautiful landscapes of the Peruvian land. When you get to Cañete, you can take a combi that goes to Imperial. Then you must get off at Jr. Atahualpa to take another bus to Yauyos. Finally, at that point you must look for a transport to Huancaya.


Now that you know how to get to Huancaya, we present 5 plans that you can make in this paradisiacal place. Travel through Peru!


What to do in Huancaya?


  1. Tour the town center of Huancaya

Huancaya is one of the destinations with the most beautiful landscapes in Peru. This is due to its proximity to the Cañete River, where you can see countless waterfalls and lagoons that are characterized by the turquoise color of their waters. Likewise, another of its attractions is its populated center, a place full of stories and traditions. Among its greatest cultural and architectural attractions are the main church, the municipal palace, the Atao waterfalls and the site museum. In the latter, you will learn the history of the ancient inhabitants of Huancayawain. Inside you will see from ceramic pieces to preserved human remains, which allow you to reconstruct the pre-Hispanic past.


Likewise, touring the town center of Huancaya is an activity in which you can learn about the history of this area through the testimonies of its inhabitants and its architecture. Similarly, the warmth of its people is another reason to visit this town, since together with them, you will enjoy a pleasant and unforgettable stay.


Finally, within the district you will find several places to stay and enjoy the most exquisite dishes of the region's gastronomy. Among the most popular are the cancha with cheese, parboiled potatoes, tripe, fried trout, and other delicacies.


  1. Take a boat ride through the Huallhua lagoon

Another activity that you cannot miss during your visit to Huancaya is to take a relaxing boat ride.


This majestic lagoon with turquoise waters is part of the Nor Yauyos Cochas Landscape Reserve. Therefore, during the tour you will be able to contemplate the beautiful landscapes that characterize this area. Similarly, you will meet some amazing waterfalls that are near the lagoon, which are a complete natural spectacle.


For its part, Laguna Huallhua has a large number of animal species such as trout, grebe, herons, yanavicos, huallata and wild ducks. In addition, its surroundings have exuberant vegetation that covers the path of the lake, giving the illusion that the water springs from the sky.


Also, in this immense lake you can practice other aquatic activities such as canoeing in artisanal canoes in the company of the inhabitants.


  1. Walk through the Nor Yauyos Cochas Reserve

If you are a nature lover, you should not miss out on a tour of the Nor Yauyos Cochas Reserve trails. One of the most recommended routes is the Cotosqui War trail, which will take you through the lower area of ​​the Carhuayno waterfalls. In this part, you will have the privilege of witnessing the waterfalls and the colors of the lagoons that shine with the glare of the sun.


Likewise, the fresh air and the colorful landscape make this trip an incomparable experience, which you will want to repeat.


For this activity we recommend that you follow the instructions of the park ranger to avoid any inconvenience. Remember that the weather is somewhat cold and it is necessary to wear the appropriate clothing and shoes to fully enjoy this activity. Do not forget to take advantage of this tour to take several photographs and portray the best of these attractions.


  1. Visit the viewpoints of Vilca

One of the unmissable plans during your stay in Huancaya is to get to know some of the attractions of Vilca. One of the most famous is the San Cristóbal viewpoint, which is located more than 4,000 meters above sea level. To get to this attraction, you must climb some stairs and then a cobbled path until you reach its peak. The road is somewhat demanding and requires a good physical condition. But, we assure you that the view from this point is so beautiful that it is worth the sacrifice.


Another of the viewpoints that you should not miss is Canta Gallo. From this point you will have a privileged view of the 'Forest of Love'. Here, you will see the Laguna Papacocha from where its waterfalls flow until you continue with the path of the Huarqo River. In addition, you will see the abundant vegetation that beautifies this forest.


Finally, if you wish, you can go down to the forest of love to walk its trails, which are ideal for oxygenating the body.


  1. Make camping in Huancaya

One of the most recurring plans for tourists who come to Huancaya is camping next to the Cañete River. It is a wonderful experience in which you can enjoy the sounds of nature, while recharging energy to continue the journey. Also, at night you can make a small fire to warm up or prepare a hot drink to recover heat.


The best thing about camping in this area is waking up in the middle of beautiful waterfalls and turquoise lagoons. A view with which you will want to wake up more than once, do you dare to try it?



  • In the Papacocha and Huallhua lagoons you can do sport fishing, since in these places there is a great variety of trout.
  • In Huancaya you can buy some souvenirs and different clothes made with alpaca wool.
  • Another of the activities that you can do in the district of Huancaya is to visit its beautiful viewpoints. In them you will have a privileged view of the lagoons and waterfalls that are part of the landscape.
  • Some places where you can spend the night are: Hospedaje Las Lagunas, Las Brisas de Mayo and Hospedaje Rojas.
  • The camping area has an approximate cost of 5 soles.

What can you visit in Huancaya?


Nor Yauyos Cochas Reserve

If you like to appreciate nature up close, yes or yes, you should take a tour of the Nor Yauyos Cochas Reserve. One of the most recommended routes is the Cotosqui War trail, which will take you through the lower area of ​​the Carhuayno waterfalls. In this part you will have the privilege of witnessing the waterfalls and the colors of the lagoons that shine with the glare of the sun.


Vilca Viewpoints

During your stay in Huancaya you should take the opportunity to get to know some of the attractions of Vilca. One of the most famous is the San Cristóbal viewpoint, which is located more than 4,000 meters above sea level. To get there, you have to climb a large number of stairs, but the view is worth it.


Another of the most popular viewpoints is Canta Gallo. From this point you will have a privileged view of the Forest of Love. Here you will see the Papacocha Lagoon, from where its waterfalls flow until you continue with the path of the Huarqo River.


What is the best time to visit Huancaya?

The best time to visit Huancaya is between the months of June and September because the sun is more intense and the temperature is ideal for visiting the places mentioned above.


Keep in mind that the rainy season in Huancaya occurs between December and the beginning of March, so if you plan to travel between these months, you should take all your precautions.


How tall is Huancaya?

Huancaya is located at 3,549 meters above sea level, so it is convenient to carry altitude sickness pills in your hand luggage to avoid any discomfort.


Tips before traveling to Huancaya

  • Pack warm clothes in your suitcase such as jackets, coats, socks, shorts, etc.
  • Use sunscreen to avoid sunburn.
  • If you are going to camp, take a special tent for cold places.
  • Take pills for soroche.

Where to eat in Huancaya?

Some of the most recommended restaurants that you can find in Huancaya are the following:

  • My Tradition Restaurant.
  • Ms. Marivel Lara's restaurant.
  • Don Pedro's Inn.

What is the best time to travel to Laraos?

Laraos is very close to Huancaya, so if you dare to visit it, the best time to do it is between the months of March and June, corn planting time when the platforms are full of life.


How long does it take to get to Huancaya from Lima?

Getting to Huancaya from Lima takes approximately 8 hours by car. This is because the distance between the two places is 324 kilometers.


Curious facts about Huancaya

  • It was the territory of the pre-Inca peoples of the Sierra de Lima.
  • It has surprising natural spaces, such as the Papacocha lagoon and the Pariacaca snow-capped mountain.
  • It has the popular forest of love, which is famous for being visited by different tourists.

Huallhua Lagoon: Boat Ride

One of the activities that you cannot stop doing during your visit to Huancaya is taking a boat ride. For that there is the Huallhua lagoon, which has a large number of animal species such as trout, grebe, herons, yanavicos, huallata and wild ducks.


Romantic tour in Huancaya

If you want to enjoy a romantic walk with your partner, Huancaya is the ideal place. You can take a boat ride and walk through the beautiful landscapes watching the sunset on the horizon.


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