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Lomas de Lucumo: a trek that every adventurer should do near Lima

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Lomas de Lucumo: a trek that every adventurer should do near Lima

Las Lomas de Lúcumo in Pachacamac, is an ecosystem closer to Lima, ideal for practicing adventure sports or outdoor activities. The Lomas de Lucumo, like the Lomas de Lachay, are coastal hills that in winter (June to November) due to the effect of the accumulation of mist, are filled with greenery and life.


Lomas de Lúcumo is ideal for ecotourism in Peru, the most popular in the location are trekking and rappelling, among others with less success are mountain biking and rock climbing.


Location of Lomas de Lúcumo

Las lomas de lúcumo is an ecosystem with 150 hectares of territory located just 34 km from Lima. In the Quebrada Verde Rural Population Center, district of Pachacámac, province of Lima, department of Lima. Between 200 and 500 m.a.s.l.


History of the Lomas de Lúcumo Ecotourism Circuit Association

This project was created in 2003, it was born thanks to the initiative of a group of residents who resisted to see with resignation how their grasslands were being lost due to invasions. The inhabitants of Quebrada Verde were willing to fight and preserve their environment. Jacinto Mendoza, president of the Association of the Lomas de Lúcumo Ecotourism Circuit, says that with peaks and lampas they began to set up camping areas and delimit trekking trails. In 2009, the Lomas de Lúcumo received 7,400 visitors who came there in search of direct contact with nature.


Lomas de Lucumo: Climate and Temperature

  • Between January and April: Intense sun throughout the day, with an average temperature of 28°.
  • Between May and July: Little sun during the day, average temperature of 22°.
  • Between August and October: Cloudy for much of the day, very little sun, average temperature of 20°
  • Between November and December: The sun regularly rises, there is a clear sky and an average temperature of 24°.

Hills of Lucumo: Flora and Fauna

In the Lomas de Lúcumo there is great vegetation and animal species, especially from the month of August where it is reborn due to the climate that, with strong winds, carries humidity towards the hills and ravines, feeding the ecosystem.


More than 80 species of fauna and 240 of flora live in the place among the abundant flora that can be found, it is mainly the amanca flower, also flowers such as: the orbejilla, the Lima foxtail, the mouse ear, the malva , among many more. In the diversity of species there are animals such as: vizcachas, kestrels, eagles, gray foxes and little birds such as the turtupilín (robin). In addition, a large number of fascinating insects also abound.


Lomas de Lucumo: how to get there?

  • 1st option: from Lima to the Pachacámac district 40 minutes (31 km); from the Pachacámac district to the Quebrada Verde Rural Population Center: 10 min. approx.
  • 2nd option: Pachacamac Center - Lomas de Lucumo with combi 4 km / 7-10 minutes

Public transport:

It is preferable to take the minibus at the Benavides bridge stop on the South Pan-American Highway, there you can take lines SO 16 and 18 or any that arrives to Lurín through the old South Pan-American Highway, the average ticket is S/. Four.


You must get off at the entrance to Pachacámac in Lurín, km 25 approx. and take a collective car to Pachacámac, there you will find motorcycle taxis that will take you to the Poblado Verde. All this has a cost between S /. 4 to S/. 6. The trip from Lima takes about 1 hour.


Private transport:

It is 34 km / 1 hr. Take the route through the South Pan-American Highway, go up the Conchán bridge located at Kim 15, then continue along the old road to Av. Paul Poblet Follow the entire section including the extension and cross the bridge until you reach the town of Quebrada Verde.



  • Children S/. 4.50
  • Adults S/. 8
  • Over 60 years old S/ 4.50
  • Camping S/. 8


  • Tickets must be reserved in advance.
  • The price only includes the ticket*
  • For guided group tours the price is S/. 40

Tourism in the Lomas de Lúcumo

In Lomas Lúcumo camping is allowed, there are a couple of places enabled for this activity. Spending the night there you will be able to observe the sunrise from the highest point of the Pachacámac district, as well as discover species that appear at night and a great variety of geological structures of volcanic and sedimentary origin.


In addition to visiting the Lomas you can also visit the Pachacámac Sanctuary, a historic center where the site museum is located, there you can see sculptures, cave paintings and other objects from thousands of years; also archaeological sites such as The Temple of the Sun, The Temple of the Moon, among others.


Las Lomas de Lúcumo has an equipped cafeteria, where you can taste good food and also buy products from the valley that are sold at the stands. And you cannot leave Pachacámac without eating the famous pork on a stick and chicharrón, some recommended restaurants are: Paso Obligao, Las Leñas, La Gloria del Campo, La Casa de Don Cucho and El Ternerito.

Lovers of walks will have the opportunity to make 2 circuits, which last from 3 to 5 hours. The wet season (June to November) is the best season to go with family, friends or as a couple. Remember to go with light clothing and comfortable shoes, as well as repellent to be part of the circuit.


Surround yourself with the mist and walk through this ecosystem with tunnels from an abandoned gold and silver mine, terraces and rock formations (such as the cliff and the toad's mouth). If you are lucky, you will be able to come across vizcachas, turtupilines (a small bird), hawks, foxes and owls.


Adventure activities also have a leading role in this place. For example, you can practice abseiling or rock descent. There are also areas to camp and relax.


Adventure sports in Lomas de Lucumo

  • Trekking
  • Rappelling
  • Rock climbing
  • Mountain biking

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