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Many times, the impressive magnetism of Machu Picchu can make us forget everything worldly, but what we can not forget is to protect this wonder, Cultural Heritage of Humanity. And the first step is to reduce as much as possible the garbage that accumulates daily in the Inca citadel. With this objective, the one-use plastic reduction rule that promotes responsible consumption of this material in State entities came into force. 


The measure - approved last November 5 - seeks to make visitors aware of the damage that plastic waste generates to our environment, especially in places and areas of high traffic of tourists, such as Protected Areas and tourist attractions of Peru, among which is the fascinating Inca citadel. In addition, this measure will contribute to the care of the ecosystems and biodiversity of these spaces that have an incomparable natural wealth. 




"Visitors are recommended to use environmentally friendly alternatives such as canteens to avoid the use of plastic bottles. Likewise, it is urged to use cloth bags or other reusable material instead of disposable plastic bags, "said a statement issued by Sernanp.


Moreno estimated that, in a municipality of 5,000 inhabitants, there are hundreds of establishments (warehouses, restaurants of all categories and hotels) that owe a large part of their income to the sale of water bottles and soft drinks, of which 3,000 units are sold. daily


These containers accumulate on the margins of the Machu Picchu rail line of the famous train that ascends to the Inca Machu Picchu citadel and on the shores of the Inca Trail Andes that the most adventurous choose; in addition, also the rivers that go down by the sacred valley drag their quota of multicolored bottles.




To clean the roads and the railway, the municipality has to organize extraordinary volunteer campaigns: the last one was on June 5, which ended with the collection of 200 bags full of disposable bottles.


Plastic is a material that the Planet can not digest 

The plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose in the environment, up to 1,000 years depending on the type of plastic. 

To use massively such a durable material for disposable objects is an error with catastrophic consequences on a global level.  

The plastic in the environment is fragmented into smaller and smaller pieces that attract and accumulate toxic substances  



The plastic bottles take up to 700 years to degrade. To produce one, 100 ml of oil is needed. Therefore, if they are incinerated, they produce toxic vapors.  


Useful tips to reduce the use of plastic

  • Change the canteens for disposable bottles. 
  • Carry a good backpack: besides being more comfortable than bags, they have more capacity. 
  • If yours are not backpacks, you can carry a wallet or cloth bags. 
  • Take your food in reusable containers. 
  • Reducing the use of plastic is very easy and its impact is enormously positive for the environment. It is up to each one of us to keep the wonderful cultural heritage of Peru in good condition and to leave to future generations a legitimate testimony of world history.



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