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The Manu Biosphere Reserve is located in the southwestern part of Peru, encompassing territories of the regions of Madre de Dios and Cusco destined for recreational activities, anthropological and biological research, limited to observing wildlife in its natural form. It is considered as the end of ecotourism with the greatest biodiversity in the world. It is possible to observe a great landscape and natural richness by the great amount of flora and fauna visible from the rivers and the "cochas" (meanders of the river that are closed and are isolated from the main channel, forming lagoons that maintain a great wealth of fauna).  

Your ecological wealth is important. The area contains more than 15,000 species of plants. In the Manu it is possible to find all the variety of ecological floors that exist in the Amazon and this has led to its biodiversity being one of the most appreciated. In a single hectare, up to 250 varieties of trees have been found. 

Before becoming an area protected by the Peruvian Government, the Manu National Park was preserved thanks to its inaccessibility. In 1977 it was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and, three years later, a World Heritage Site.



Altitudinally, it extends from 300 meters above sea level, at the confluence of the Manu River with the Alto Madre de Dios River, up to 3,800 meters above sea level on the summit of the Apu Kañahuay Mountain.



The rainy season or low season goes from January to March, but during the whole year there may be unexpected rains; the temperatures in the low zones vary between 35 ºC during the day and 25 ºC during the night. 


Manu Expeditions 7 days 

This Manu tours Peru 7 days begins very early in the morning in Cusco from where we will ascend to the high jungle and observe endemic species, then we will enter the National Park of Manu sailing in boats, along this trip we will observe species of birds and mammals on the banks from the river. We will make a stop in Patria to know the seeding of the coca leaf and later we will enter the Reserved Zone, Boca Manu, from a tower we will observe river wolves; then we head towards Cocha Salvador aboard a catamaran we will observe giant otters, species of monkeys and birds. 


Manu Expeditions 5 days 

This adventure begins in Puerto Maldonado, we can observe species like the bear of cravings and birds like the cock of the rocks, etc. We navigate the Madre de Dios River and observe a great variety of birds, we arrive at Manu Wildlife Center, from a tower we can observe species of birds and mammals and reptiles. Very early we will go to appreciate the spectacle of the parrot and parrot macaw licks. We continue our Manu tours Peru 5 days along the Madre de Dios River where aboard a catamaran we can observe giant otters and bird species. 


Manu Expeditions 4 days 

On our Manu tours Peru 4 days you will discover one of the largest reserves in South America: "El Parque Nacional del Manu". You will experience a great adventure and learn about the Madre de Dios jungle that spans more than 2 million hectares. In only 4 days it will pass from one habitat to another; through the majestic Andes, the mountain-forest rainforest. The tour also offers the opportunity to enjoy exciting adventures such as rafting and experience the "Canopy" in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon.  

Finally, you can discover a large number and variety of medicinal plants and trees. Book our Manu expeditions and you will make a wonderful trip to the reserve with the greatest biological diversity in the world.  


Manu Expeditions 3 days

Let yourself be captivated by the charm of the Peruvian jungle. In this Manu tours Peru of 3 days and 2 nights we can enjoy and observe the majesty of the Amazon jungle. One of the lungs of the world that welcomes you with its beautiful birds, mammals, reptiles, insects and its great variety of orchids, ferns and many other species.

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