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Miraflores Chinese Park: how to get there and what does this tourist attraction in Lima present?

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Miraflores Chinese Park: how to get there and what does this tourist attraction in Lima present?

The Municipality of Miraflores presented to the citizens the new tourist attraction of the district: the Chinese Park. This scenario has facilities and construction details inspired by the buildings of the Asian country.


Videos and photos of the first visitors who have enjoyed the new park located near the sea have already accumulated on social networks. That said, if you are thinking of visiting Parque Chino with your friends, family or partner, below we will tell you how to get to this tourist attraction and other interesting information about the place.


Where is the Miraflores Chinese Park located and how to get there?

Parque Chino is located on block 11 of Malecón Cisneros, in Miraflores. Due to the various easily accessible tourist areas in the area, the way to get to the place is simple and quick.


If you pass through El Ejercito avenue or Balta descent, you can visit areas such as the Marina Lighthouse, Villena Bridge, the ruins of Huaca Pucllana, Parque del Amor, Larcomar, the Costa Verde beach circuit, among others. others.


If you want to go directly to the Chinese Park, you must locate the Children's Park or the Plaza Santa Teresa del Niño Jesús, since the new park is very close to the aforementioned places.


What does the new Miraflores park present?

Since the facilities are inspired by China, the place has a Chinese gazebo on the landscaped hill and is complemented by wooden finishes, vitrified tile coverage, stairs covered with flagstone, bridge, water fountains, gardens and fierce guardian lions of granite.


The entrance is suitable for all types of people, since it has stairs and ramps for wheelchairs. Likewise, pets are allowed on a leash, or with a muzzle if necessary.


Why was the Chinese Park created?

The Chinese Park was created in the midst of the commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Independence of Peru.


In addition, in seeking to represent the 172 years of Chinese immigration to Peru, they provided a space to the public with details of Asian culture. It had an investment of $350,000, which allowed for its location facing the sea and the various finishes.


The creation of this attractive park also responds to the 50 diplomatic relations that exist between the Republic of Peru and the People's Republic of China.


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