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Oxapampa: 10 tourist attractions that you should know

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Oxapampa: 10 tourist attractions that you should know

The Province of Oxapampa, Oxapampa Ashaninka Yanesha Biosphere Reserve, is one of the most representative provinces of Peru in the central zone. Its natural resources, tradition, culture and quality products make Oxapampa a very attractive tourist destination.


Let us remember that the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur) delivered, in June of this year, the international Safe Travels seal to the Oxapampa Tourist Destination, consolidating itself as a destination that complies with all biosafety measures against COVID-19, with the objective of safeguarding the health of visitors.


Oxapampa is a beautiful city, whose name means “Pampa de Paja” in the Quechua language. The church and several buildings with European characteristics stand out.


For the second year, the “II Cultural and Productive Fair of Oxapampa Biosphere Reserve” will be held, an event that will take place from Thursday, November 11 to Sunday, November 14, and seeks to promote tourism in this city and highlight the quality of its products.


The Plaza del Teatro Municipal de Lima (Jirón Ica 377) will be the place where 40 exhibitors, from different districts, will offer products with agro-industrial, textile, craft and tourism certification marks to the general public. On the occasion of this fair, we give you a list of 10 places that you should not miss in Oxapampa.


Oxapampa Main Square

Located in the central part of the city of Oxapampa. In the center of the square stands out an imposing Obelisk with an octagonal base built in 1959, erected in honor of the Austro-German settlers who founded Oxapampa and Villa Rica in the jungle thickets of the Pasco region.


Pozuzo, German colony

Pozuzo was the first colony of its kind founded in 1859, four years after the Peruvian government granted the land to Austrian settlers. The immigrants built the city following the architectural patterns of their countries of origin, so the houses are built with geometric floor plans, wooden floors and gable roofs.


It is located 84 km north of the city of Oxapampa and 360 km from Cerro de Pasco.


Tsho'llet Forest

It means “Queen of the colored snails”. You can see spectacled bears and different birds.


Villa Rica

It is located in the district located in the province of Oxapampa. Villa Rica is well known for being a coffee producing area. Around the town are the El León and El Encanto waterfalls.


Oconal Lagoon

It has 61 species of birds and a great variety of fish, because the lagoon serves as a transit point for migratory birds.



It is one of the districts of Oxapampa, and means “Field of Straw.” It is rich in natural, mystical, archaeological, cultural tourist attractions, and even ideal sites for the practice of experiential tourism. It has the Las Orquídeas Waterfall, a set of waterfalls known as La Esperanza and San Francisco.


La Bruja Waterfall

Located in Villa Rica, it is part of the Oxapampa-Asháninka-Yánesha Biosphere Reserve. It has a drop of 19 meters and 5 meters wide.


Pichis and Palcazú Rivers

Ideal destination for practicing aquatic tourism, located in the city of Oxapampa.


Psicifarm the Summit

It is located in the Chotabamba district, 3.4km from Oxapampa. It has 6 ponds in which a variety of trout are raised, and the psychifarm allows you to appreciate the growth and feed the trout.


Florida Viewpoint

It is located in Chontabamba, located in the Central Jungle, it has an impressive view where you can appreciate the splendor of the nature of Oxapampa.


Tourism in Oxapampa

As a tourist spot, the city of Oxapampa is a setting rich in natural spaces, where it is possible not only to practice ecotourism, but also adventure tourism, and experiential tourism, since there are still tribes in the area, with the that you can interact, learning from their arts and customs.


If it is about enjoying natural settings, the visitor can discover in the city of Oxapampa, resources such as the Yanachaga Chemillén National Park, which occupies part of the territory of this city, as well as its neighbors. You can also access the Oxapampa countryside, where different farms in the city are located, mainly producers of dairy products, honey and coffee. The city of Oxapampa, and the entire province itself, is famous for its coffee production, so it could be considered a sin to visit the land without even trying a cup of coffee produced in the city.


The settings of the Oxapampa valley are also rich in spaces for practicing adventure sports, ranging from trekking, mountain biking, rock climbing, among others that can be performed, both on your own, as well as accessing the services of a local tourist company.


Experiential tourism is another point of interest in the city. This can be practiced, both in the National Park, already mentioned, and when visiting the different native communities that surround the city. One of these is the Native community of Tsachopen, where families from the Yánesha ethnic group live. Visits to the community allow tourists to come into contact with the ancient practices of this cultural group. Not only will you learn to fish and farm, according to their ancient traditions, but you will also be able to understand the pictography of their ceramics and looms, and even experience the very old activity of arrow shooting of these towns.


If the visitor wants to know the contribution of the Austro-Germans, they only have to take a tour of the urban area of Oxapampa, to be able to see the splendor of the churches, squares, gardens, and even museums, that this colonizing community has given. syncretizing with the old Oxapampino town.


Visiting the city of Oxapampa guarantees the traveler not only to forget about the problems of the city, but also to learn to connect with a more natural world, where the simplicity and charisma of the people are one of the main contributors to a stay. unforgettable.


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