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Peru Surf

Are you looking to catch good waves? Peru surf has many options for you. The entire coast is full of many amazing places for surfers ranging from beginners to professionals. Whether you're going to surf in Lima or in Chicama, you will not be disappointed. South of Lima you'll find a string of sandy beaches, most of them backed by massive sand dunes. The water is cold and rough, the waves are big, and lifeguards are nonexistent. 

Sound appealing? Then pick up your board and head south to see why Peru is becoming one of South America's hottest surfing destinations. For a sure bet, head to Punta Hermosa, a town near km 44 on the Pan-American Highway about an hour´s drive south of Lima), which with its numerous reefs and coves has the highest concentration of quality surf spots and breaks all year round. 

Fancy yourself a pro? The largest waves in South America, some 7 meters (20 feet) high, roll into nearby Pico Alto, with nearly 20 good breaks around the Pico Alto Surf Camp. Paddle out from Punta Hermosa via Playa Norte to reach the reef, although be warned- these waves are for the very experienced and crazy only!  

Excellent surfing is also much closer to shore at the town of Cerro Azul, at km 132 of the Panamericana. Long tubular waves break right in front of the town, so be prepared for an audience. A pleasant fishing village, Cerro Azul is a popular weekend and holiday destination and the beach gets crowded during peak times. Go mid-week if you want the place to yourself.

Peru surf doesn´t have a huge tradition, but to see where a small slice of local history was made, head to Punta Rocas, 42 km south of Lima, where in 1965 Peruvian surfer Felipe Pomar converted himself into something of a national hero when he won the World Surfing Championships. 

Surffing in Perú

Sofía Mulánovich a proffesional surfer from Perú


The reef-break here provides a clasic wave for beginners and advanced surfers alike. 

There´s even some decent surfing in the middle of Lima. Just off the coast of Miraflores, on the Costa Verda beach road you can find four surfable beaches, all within a 15-minute walk of each other. Right near the Rosa Nautica restaurant, Redondo, Makaha, La Pampilla, and Waikiki are breaks for beginners but with their proximity to the city the water can be more than a little polluted. Think you´ve jus paddled past a jellyfish? It´s more likely a plastic bag.

Surfing in Peru is best from March to December, with May probably being ideal. Although the climate is dry year-round, in winter the Pacific Ocean can get very chilly (although it´s never particularly warm and wetsuits are advisable year-round), and coastal fog can leave you with little to look at.


Peru Surf

Peru has created an incredible impact on world surfing and many believe that it offers the best of South America. Many professional surfers go to the Peruvian coasts to catch those waves. In addition, Peru has hosted a large number of high-flying surf competitors here in the land of flames, including the Champions of the Latin American Surfing Association. The man who brought surfing to Peru is nothing more than Carlos Dogni Larco. During his trip to Hawaii in 1937, he was introduced to the sport after visiting the island for a polo championship. When he returned from his second trip to Hawaii, he had his surfboard in his arms and ready to surf Lima Peru. Along with others, he opened the Waikiki Club in Mirafores. Eduardo Arena is another Peruvian who impacts the world of surfing through the classification of all rules and was an important part of the world of international competitive surfing. 

Of the well-known surfers of Peru, Felipe Pomar won the World Championship in Punta Rocas in 1965, but recently, Sofia Mulanovich has become the center of attention. She is the first South American woman to win the world title: Women's World Championship in 2004. She is a winner of an Espy award, the best female surfer for the Surfer Magazine Poll awards, and much more. She was also the youngest and first South American to be included in the Surfing Hall of Fame.

Perú surf best places


Learning how to Surf 

New to the sport? No problem. People of all ages and abilities are welcome to get in the waves. Surf Lima Peru is a great place for beginners to learn. If you are interested in surf Lima Peru, it is as easy as walking to the coast. You will find different surf schools lined up along the coast that are willing to show you how to handle the waves. Normally it is 60 soles the class, which is around $ 20 USD. Classes are usually 90 minutes and consist of both skills in the sand and in the water. First warm up with sand exercises and stretching. Then you will enter the water to start working stopped and catching waves. The instructors will start from the basics teaching you the best techniques of brace, positioning and body baance. Whether it's your first time or you vented it once you learn, they are very patient and willing to help you learn. If you are looking for a private instructor, expect to pay 40-50 soles per hour for private lessons

Learning to surf in Perú



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