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Sun Gate Machu Picchu

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Sun Gate Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is not only a well-preserved XV-century city, but its location gives it surrealism and a feeling impossible to find elsewhere. Machu Picchu vacation is truly inspiring, it was considered a sacred city, to the point that people who had already seen Machu Picchu, were treated with greater respect; and the first vision that these people had of Machu Picchu, was from the Inti Punku.

"Inti Punku" in Quechua means the "door of the sun" the landscape spectacle is wonderful that opens before the walker, as a fair reward and corollary to the long walk made by the Inca road, in whose long journey you can see groups of enclosures with large doors that form the "Inti Punku".

Located 5 kilometers from the wonder of the world, the Sun Gate is located in the same Machu Picchu, since it is considered the entrance to this great stone city. 

The Inti Punku offers a breathtaking view of all Machu Picchu city and the sacred mountain of Huayna Picchu

It is formed by steep steps carved in stone and constructions that make us suppose that it was a kind of custom for the control of the people who entered and left the citadel.


History of the Sun Gate Machu Picchu

During the Inca apogee, the people who entered Machu Picchu after traveling the Inca Trail, had their first vision of the Inca city, from the Sun Gate Inca trail; like the people who travel the Inca Trail today. The Sun Gate or Inti Punku was a kind of control gate for people entering and leaving the Inca City. Because of its remote and strategic location, it is believed that Machu Picchu only welcomed guests and was selected from the elite of the empire.  

It is known that people who returned after seeing the city, were treated with greater respect, by people who were on their way to the sacred city. The construction is dedicated to the sun, but not only in name since during the summer solstice, the sun appears in the Inca City for this place. Definitely, the views will cut your breath; Machu Picchu, the Urubamba river, the Huayna Picchu mountain and the surroundings are observed. It is a large place, with windows and doors supported by terraces; from this place, you can see the entire Inca City in the middle of the mountains. 

Inca TRail Quarry

The Inca Trail and Sun Gate Machu Picchu 


People who climb Machu Picchu after trek the Inca Trail, have their first vision of the Inca city, from the Sun Gate Machu Picchu. The Intipunku is the end of the Machu Picchu 4 day hike. From the Intipunku the path is easier and not so much down the road, but because every traveler who comes down from this point is amazed by the vision that can be seen from then on. 


How to get to Sun Gate Machu Picchu?

To get to the Sun Gate Machu Picchu, you must follow the path that goes from Machu Picchu, through the agricultural terraces. The path is marked with wooden signs, it goes almost parallel to the road that leads to the top of the Machu Picchu Mountain, but it is not so steep. The Sun Gate Machu Picchu is the place where people enter the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. The trail continues beyond the Sun Gate for 2 hours, to another beautiful Inca city called Wiñaywayna; however, you can only access this point with the Inca Trail book 2023 and through it.  

Inca Trail Quarry Inti Punku

The trek to the Sun Gate Machu Picchu


Useful information 

Necessary time: 3 - 4 hours round trip. 

Altitude of the Summit: 2,720 m.s.n.m.

Height in relation to Machu Picchu: 290 meters. 

Terrain: Inca stone path and paths of grass and earth. 

Recommended Footwear: light hiking boots (never new) 

Schedule of entrance: like Machu Picchu from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., being able to stay inside until 5:00 p.m. It is not recommended to start the walk after 14:00 hrs. 

Tickets: according to the entrance to Machu Picchu limited to 2500 daily income. 


The best time to go 

The trek to the Sun Gate Machu Picchu is available throughout the year, but keep in mind that during the rainy season (November - April), heavy rains are more likely. The region has a subtropical environment throughout the year, with average temperatures around 18º C. In the dry season the humidity is around 40 and 45%, while in the rainy season it reaches 60 and 65%. Hiking in the early morning will offer cooler temperatures and better shade from the sun.  


Do I need a special ticket to make the trek to Sun Gate? 

No, it's enough with the Solo Machu Picchu tickets 2023; we recommend you to do the walk before 10 in the morning, this will allow you to climb with little sun and few people; besides allowing you enough time in Machu Picchu; in case your return train departs at 2:00 p.m.  



To make the trek to Sun Gate Machu Picchu, a medium physical level is required; however, the road is wide and much less uneven, than other excursions offered by the Inca city of Machu Picchu.


Difficulty: Moderate/ Difficulty



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