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Peru Tour Operators 2023

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Peru Tour Operators 2023

Who's Who

There is no shortage of companies selling tours to Peru, but not all of them have the same level of experience and reputation. Most U.S. Canadian, and British tour companies offering trips to Peru merely sell tours that are designed and run by Peruvian operators. However, there are international companies that run their own shows in Peru, notably Orient Express. Others send a trip leader to accompany each group, who will often team up with a peruvian guide. However,many simply sell tours that are operated by one or more peruvian companies.


If you`ve traveled with a company to other destinations and had good experiences, you have good reason to use them in Peru. Though you may be reluctant to buy a package directly from a Peruvian company, keep in mind that you may get  the same tour you would buy from  a U.S company  for considerably less money. If  you want to stray from the beaten path, you may have no choice but to book directly with a Peruvian company. rest assured that the local operator's included in this section have decades of experience an good reputation.


Where to Go

While every company offers trips to Machu Picchu - Peru´s must-see atraction-the country has much more to offer, including the Amazon wilderness, vibrant indigenous cultures, colonial cities, and jaw-dropping mountai lanscapes, The great thing is that many of those attractions are easy to combine with Machu Picchu and Inca Trail.


Nearly all first-time visitors do some sort of a Cusco/ Sacred Valley/ Machu Picchu combination, a tour that every company offers. Whether you hike  there on a four-day Inca trail trek, or roll in luxuriously on orient Express´s classic hiram bingham train, Machu Picchu is all that it is cracked up to be. There is enough to see between that ancient citadel, the Sacred Valle and Cusco to fill a week, though many people cover the area in a few days.


Many tours combine Machu Picchu and Cusco with the Rainforest of nearby Madre de Dios, whereas others combine it with southern attractions such as lake Titicaca, or Arequipa and the Colca Canyon, A longer extension or second trip is needed to include the ancient sites and impressive landscapes of northern Peru. 


What to Do

Peru's combination of culture, history, scenery, and biodiversity make it a great place to visit, and you get exposure to all of the above on the Classic Cusco - Machu Picchu trip. It is also a world-class destination for people who want to concentrate their vacations on one thing, be it bird-watching (Peru is the number-two country for avian diversity), surfing (the swells are sometimes as big as hawaii`s) or trekking (countless highland trails). Travelers with that kind of focus will want to book their tour with an outfitter that specializes in their passion, and we`ve included experts in each of those activities here.


the following list features some of the best international and local tour outfitters that offer trips in Peru, ranging from companies that accommodate thousands of tourists per month, to smaller operations that specialize in custom tours. While nearly all of them offer Cusco - Machu Pichu tours, some have expertise, or hotels in certain regions, while others focus on activities such as bird-watching or trekking.


Peru Tour Operators

There are lot tour operator in the world, but the Inca Trail Machu is a new tour operator in Peru and 100% local operator. we offers the best itineraries in the our country. We offer you the best experience in best destination in South America, Peru. Come with us and we promete to give you the best memories our country. In case you want to do others destination. contact us, our staff will prepare the best itinerary in Peru and best price!



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