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Vinac: paradise is five hours from Lima

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Vinac: paradise is five hours from Lima

If you like unexplored places, lost in the middle of the mountains and that seem detained in time, you should travel to Santiago de Viñac, a district in the province of Yauyos, located at an altitude of 3,300 meters and about five hours away by road. winding and dizzying slopes.


A peasant community in the heights of Lima is capable of giving peace of mind to your soul while you appreciate the beauty of nature. It is Viñak, at almost 3,200 meters above sea level.


Hills full of life, a beautiful blue sky and no city noise are the pleasures that this town offers the visitor. You can camp, go horseback riding and take long walks. It is even possible to practice trekking for one or two days. As if that were not enough, there is El Refugio, an establishment with all the comforts of a five-star hotel.


In the small town the tourist enjoys the hospitality of its people. There you can taste delicious cheeses while you perceive the slow passing of time. When walking you visit the local school, as well as the cultivated fields and the cattle that graze in the surroundings. Thus, at the end of your stay in Viñak, you will seriously think about not returning to the city. Find more information in more info.



There are 280 km that separate Viñak from Lima and the road takes six hours. First you must reach Cañete and take the detour to Lunahuaná. From there it goes to the final destination on a firm road and uphill. It is recommended to carry out the journey in a 4×4 truck.


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El Refugio was recently included in the Top Five of the Travel & Living chain. It has special rooms that protect tourists from the cold at night. It also has a horse stable, mountain bikes and trekking equipment. On the other hand, near Viñak is Pampa Rosario, a town with friendly residents where there is an area for camping.

El Refugio Viñac LIma


A Charming Stop

Five hours after leaving the cold city, the mountain sun from the heights welcomes us. The 3300 meters high where the Viñak Refuge is located seem to leave us breathless. But it is there where the powerful muña mate makes its appearance, to rescue us and make the reception even warmer.


A weekend at the Viñak Refuge means disconnecting or, better, reconnecting with nature. Breathe the cold and pure air of the mountains while you enjoy the silence. It is to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with a 360º panoramic view of the Lima mountains. It is pampering yourself and being pampered by the staff who are always willing to serve you. It is the smell of the mountain bread in the morning, of the hot coffee and the good Peruvian seasoning.


Viñac Refuge, paradise in the mountains

Without going too far from Lima, five hours away, leaving the Panamericana Sur behind, passing Cañete and crossing the Lunahuaná Valley, is a small town of farmers and ranchers who wake up at sunrise.


Although getting here is not easy, for the winding roads and the slaps of soroche, you will feel rewarded once you are surrounded by mountain landscapes. Although his biggest prize will be staying at the Viñac Refuge, a cozy accommodation that the Umbert family has set up very close to heaven, where time seems to stop and everything seems to disconnect.


The place is perfect for relaxing with the family or escaping with friends for a weekend. It has a rustic style, made of stone and with spacious and comfortable rooms. Additionally, it has a heated jacuzzi and includes a spectacular view of the valley, as well as personalized service that will make your visit a unique experience in the heart of the Sierra de Yauyos.


The charm of this Lima paradise also lies in its outdoor activities. A weekend at the Viñak Refuge means enjoying the guided excursions in the valley, riding a bicycle without fear of being run over by a killer combi or taking a short trip, mounted on a horse, to and from the nearest town. And at the end of the day, relax in front of a warm campfire and under a starry sky.


But you will not only find relaxation in this accommodation, but also various options to indulge your stomach. Thanks to its gourmet New Andean cuisine, you will be able to taste an exquisite local gastronomy at any time of the day.


It is clear that we all have a place in the world. That place that disconnects us from monotony and brings us closer to nature. A place where we can always return, a place like the Viñak Refuge.

Vinac aradise in the mountains

How to get to Refugio Viñac from Lima?

It is located in one of the districts of the Lima province of Yauyos, exactly in a natural viewpoint with views of the mountains. This tourist place near Lima seems like a hideaway for adventure and relaxation for those who seek silence on their trip.

In the area you can see the adobe houses and the paths so old that they go back to other years. The Viñak Refuge offers tourists a sunrise between the mountains, where they can enjoy the gastronomy of the place and rest by the river.


How to get to Viñac quickly?

The route from Lima to Viñac takes at least five hours by car, because it is hidden among the mountains. If you have your own car, you can take the Panamericana Sur highway, parallel to the beaches, to start this adventure. By continuing on the route you will arrive at the Lunahuaná valley, where the temperature will begin to rise due to the adequate weather for agriculture.


The first point of arrival is to the San Jerónimo bridge, where everything is paved. However, then a slightly risky and high-care path begins. You must take the detour that leads you along the winding truck to Viñac, the town chosen for this destination.


This section is 40km long and due to the state of the roads it can take a couple of hours. In case you are not sure how to drive to the place, you can ask about the mobility of the Viñac Refuge.


Why is the Viñac Refuge considered a paradise for tourists?

The refuge is located at 3,300 meters above sea level, where people run out of breath due to the beauty of the place. Arriving in this paradisiacal area means disconnecting from society and enjoying nature, in addition, silence is a unique characteristic.


The plans in the refuge include comfortable rooms with hot water and heating. In addition, you have two breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners. Along with the stay package, two glasses of wine or whiskey are also included to consume in one day and per person.


Along the same lines, they offer a guided hike, a horseback ride, and a bike ride for each person. At night, travelers will have access to an outdoor fire pit and a heated Jacuzzi from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.


What do the shelter plans include?

Along with accommodation in comfortable rooms, with hot water and heating, the Viñak Refuge programs include meals: two breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners. Infusions and water for the entire stay. As well as two glasses of wine or whiskey to consume in one day and per person.


They also contemplate a guided walk, a horseback ride and a bicycle ride for each person. There are options for beginners, intermediate and advanced in each case. For the evenings, they offer an outdoor fire pit and the heated jacuzzi, which is open from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.


When to visit Viñac?

From May to November there is no chance of rain so it is the best time to visit Viñac. Between January and March it is the rainy season, so in February the shelter closes for maintenance.


It should be noted that this year is atypical. It rained until May, so the greenness of the mountains is maintained. In a few weeks everything will look golden because the frost season begins. But it's still beautiful.

Viñac Yauyos horsing


How to get to Viñac?

Santiago de Viñac is about five hours from Lima, in the Lima province of Yauyos. To get there you must take the Panamericana Sur highway, cross Lunahuaná, Pacarán and take the San Jerónimo detour. We enter a U where the road ends and thus we enter a trail with sharp curves, which challenges the most seasoned driver and requires the use of a 4×4.


The stretch of trail is 40 km. but due to the state of the road it can take you a couple of hours. If you are not sure of the route, ask for the mobility of the Viñak Refuge that can take you to the door of the accommodation if it has spaces.


Consider snacks and drinks for the trip (round trip). The hotel's mobility only stops at two established points to stretch your legs and use the toilets.


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