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Lake Titicaca

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Lake Titicaca is the heart of the region of Puno and on one of the most important points of the South American continent. This wonderful lake connects Peru and Bolivia. It is around 283 m deep and 190 km. long if you consider the territories of both countries. It is the highest and one of the longest navigable lakes in the world. Despite the altitude of the place, the temperature of the water is around 10 C, ideal for aquatic life. The lake houses a great number of animal species such as wild ducks, different birds and fish (suche), the carachis. The totora, an edible plant used to build floating islands, houses and caballitos de totora (typical boats) is the most representative from all the islands on the peruvian side of the lake, Taquile, Uros, Suasi, and Amantani are the most important: Uros is made up of many floating islands, which are currently inhabited by the Aimaras, the heirs of customs of the lost town of Uros. the villagers fish with rustic nets and live in huts. Taquile on the other hand is in the center of the lake, four hours from the city of Puno. The island is very special; their inhabitants speak quechua (the language of the region) and not aimara. The people are mainly fishermen and weavers that wear beautiful multi color attires as the chumpi or the lliclla. There is not any noise in the island, policemen, electricity or dogs. We recommend taking the challenge of staying in Taquile and enjoy a few quiet days away from the overwhelming modern world

Location: 1320 km. southeast of Lima.

Altitude: 3810 m.a.s.l.

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