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The Nazca Lines are one of the most mysterious places in the world. These strange and wonderful figures were discovered in 1927 near Nazca, one the driest regions of the world on the south plains of the region of Ica. The size and complexity of these geoglyphs, suggest some kind of mysterious origin. However, archeologists state that these drawing board. The designs can be seen from the lookout (mirador) or from the air, flying on a light plane. The latter is the best option to see the designs, such as the humming bird, the spider, and the monkey. Maria Reiche, a German researcher who spent all her life studying these figures, said that these lines, 15 to 20 cm deep, were an anormous astronomical calendar used to track down the different solar phases. She also said that the chalk from the desert plains is a magical and natural preserver of these images. It is absolutely very difficult to decipher the mystery but it is definitely impossible not to be enchanted by it.

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