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Bungee Jumping in Cusco

Bungee Jumping in Cusco

Bungee jumping from Poroy-Cusco, is undoubtedly a unique and unforgettable experience,Is the highest in America!!!… This activity will take place starting from a holding cage that rises to 122 mts through a hydraulic winch, this activity is carried out in our park that It is located 15 minutes from the city of Cusco. 

We have triple security at all times, which guarantees an extreme leap with the intensity that the user is looking for.  

Our jump system has been designed by engineers and architects specialized in suspension bridges. Our attention is personalized with 20 years of experience in our activities and a record of 100 000 jumps. Bungee jumping is one of the craziest things to do in Cusco. It is the perfect activity for those that are looking forward to experience a big adrenaline rush running through their veins when jumping.


Quick Itinerary: 

08:30 We pick you up from Hotel 

09:00 Driving to Poroy 

09:45 Bungee Jumping Briefing 

10:00 Jump and feel the adrenaline

11:00 Return to Cusco 

Packing List: 

  • Sunscreen 
  • Glasses 
  • Jacket 
  • Comfortable clothes

Interesting Information:


Half Day Tour Cusco

We pick you up from your hotel at 8.30 am. You must carry your passport or original identity document.  

We will transfer you to a park located on the outskirts of the city in a private vehicle to our facilities located 40 minutes from the city of Cusco.  

The activity in the park lasts 1 hour, then you will return to the city of Cusco.


  • Round trip transportation. 
  • Security equipments. 
  • League according to weight. 
  • Specialized instructors. 
  • Free T-Shirt. (According to stock) 
  • Certificate.

Not Included

  • Water 
  • Meals 
  • Tips to local staff.


In the adventure park of Action Valley you can also practice other sports such as:  

  • The "Swing", a kind of giant swing, suspended from a pulley more than 35 meters high, which can be climbed as a couple or individually. 
  • The "Human Catapult", better known in the adventurous slang as "Sling Shot". Catapult, with its 120 meters high, is the longest in the world. It is carried in a harness, anchored on one side to the floor and on the other to a tense aerial cable, which sends us abruptly into the air at high speed.

Important Info

  • To carry out this adventure is not necessary to have previous experience, it can be done by all the people who want to overcome their fears, free themselves from stress and live the adrenaline to the maximum. 
  • This sport can be done at any time of year, it is recommended between the months of April and October, when there is no rain.

Doubts and Frequent Questions about Bungee Jumping in Cusco

Where is it done?

It takes place in the adventure park of Acción Valle in Poroy, one of the eight that make up the province of Cusco, this district extends in 14.96 kilometers and has an altitude of 3 499 meters above sea level.


How to get to the point to perform bungee jumping

In the Peruvian Andes, only 11 kilometers from the Imperial City of Cusco, in the district of Poroy, 10 minutes (in taxi) from the Main Square; ACTION VALLEY is the first and only Adventure Park in Peru with 8 years in the market and an experience of 8 years in Bungee Jump and Slingshot activities.



The distance of the free fall is 122 meters, it is one of the largest bungee jumping platforms in South America. The professionals will guide and advise you for a good jump, offering you security.



To carry out this adventure it is not necessary to have previous experience, there are not many people who want to overcome their fears, get rid of stress and live the adrenaline to the maximum.



This sport can be done at any time of year, which is recommended between the months of April and October.


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