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South Valley of Cusco Tour

South Valley of Cusco Tour

The South Valley of Cusco tour is known for combining beautiful natural landscapes, Inca architecture in Tipón, pre - Inca Wari architecture in Pikillacta, Andahuaylillas visit its beautiful Chapel, known as the "Sistine Chapel of America"; without forgetting the tasty gastronomy that can be tasted in Saylla, Huasao ... 

We know you have heard about the Sacred Valley of the Incas, it is one of the best places to visit in South America, it has impressive archaeological sites, mild weather and incredible landscapes. But have you heard about the Cusco South Valley? Visitors usually do this tour, before visiting Machu Picchu or after touring the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Cusco South Valley was a very important place for the development of the Inca Empire. It is the perfect route for people looking for cultural experience, appreciate archaeological sites and magnificent landscapes, without so much company and in a short period of time. This territory was one of the first inhabited places in the entire Cusco Valley. The first inhabitants of the culture known as "Marcavalle" populated this place 1,000 years before Christ.

The South Valley tour Cusco will allow you to enjoy beautiful landscapes of the Andean highlands; you can see the magnificent hydraulic architecture of Tipón, pre-Inca constructions in Pikillaqta and beautiful works of art of the Cusquenian school in the temple of Andahuaylillas. On the way back, you can visit a variety of restaurants; in the village of Saylla the specialty is the "chicharrón", but if you want to try the delicious guinea pig, visit the village of Tipón. 


Quick Itinerary:

08:30 We pick you up from Hotel 

09:00Driving to South Valley Cusco

10:00 Guided tour of Tipón

10:50 Driving to Pikillacta

11:20 Guided tour of Pikillacta

12:00 Driving to Andahuaylillas

12:20 Guided Tour to Colonial Church of Andahuaylillas

13:00 Return to Cusco

14:30 End of the tour


Highlights during the tour: 

  • An inevitable stop in the community of Saylla, where "Ayni" is still practiced, an Inca system that consists on reciprocity. Saylla stands out for its tasty pork cracklings; you can have lunch at one of the restaurants in the area and savor this delicious dish. Also, about 12km away is the Angostura Ranch, where Martín Chambi took some unique photos of the area, until it became a cooperative after the agrarian reform. 
  • During the South Valley tour Cusco, another community you can visit is Huasao. It is located 17 km from Cusco, the town is remembered for its sorcerers, its charm and its peculiarities. The town is legendary for its spells, for its readings of coca leaves and respect for the land. Here, you can taste the corn liquor. 
  • Then you can visit the community of Oropesa that is located 23 km from the center of Cusco. This community is recognized by its bakery and bakers. You can taste the most recognized, which is the "chuta", a big and sweet bread. 
  • When leaving Oropesa, a few minutes away is the town of Huacarpay, the lake has the same name. It is a place to enjoy, with beautiful landscapes, where many travelers stop to observe the native birds. Some tourists, take the opportunity to get a boat ride in a lagoon during the South Valley of Cusco tour. And, 4 km away is located Lucre, the gastronomic capital of the South Valley, characterized for its variety of typical dishes such as corn, guinea pigs, desserts and dairy.


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Tipon - Pikillaqta - Andahuaylillas - Cusco
Inca Trail Machu

We pick you up from your hotel around 08:30 am. Then we will go by bus to the Cusco South Valley, during this trip we will be able to observe beautiful landscapes of the Andean Mountain Range. The first stop will be the archaeological center of Tipón, ceremonial center constructed for controlled the flow of water through a stone channel.


Later, we will visit the Archaeological Complex of Pikillaqta which literally means "city of fleas". It is an old walled citadel of the Wari Empire.


Finally we visit the beautiful Church of Andahuaylillas, jewel of the Colonial period, also known as 'The Sixtine Chapel of America', inside which is an impressive collection of canvases with gold frames, mural paintings and baroque altarpieces.


We will be back in the city of Cusco at approximately 2:30 p.m.

Inca Trail Machu

  • Pick up from your hotel
  • Tourist transportation,
  • Professional bilingual Tour Guide


Not Included
Inca Trail Machu

  • General Tourist Ticket for the South Valley tour Cusco
  • Tipón Entrance Ticket (included in General Tourist Ticket),
  • Pikillaqta Entrance Ticket (included in General Tourist Ticket),
  • Entrance Ticket to the Andahuaylillas Church: 15 soles or U$5,
  • Meals,
  • Tips to local staff.

Why book the South Valley of Cusco tour?
Inca Trail Machu

This tour will allow you to enjoy beautiful landscapes of the Andean highlands; you can see the magnificent hydraulic architecture of Tipón, pre-Inca constructions in Pikillaqta and beautiful works of art of the Cusco school in the temple of Andahuaylillas.

On the way back the South Valley tour Cusco, you can visit a variety of restaurants; in the village of Saylla the specialty is "chicharrón", but if you want to taste the delicious "cuy" (guinea pig), take advantage of the weather in Tipón. The best way to do this tour is on private, but you will also enjoy being part of an organized tour.

Cusco South Valley
Inca Trail Machu

During the South Valley of Cusco tour, you will visit the next places:

  • Tipon is located in the district of Oropesa in Quispicanchis east of Cusco. Tipón is an amazing hydraulic engineering model created by the Incas. The archaeological site has walls, terraces and petroglyphs. It contains twelve terraces of a fertile land, with walls made of beautifully carved stone, in addition it still conserves the system of irrigation that serves for agriculture. It is a beautiful place of Cusco South Valley to take pictures. Also, in the community of Tipón stands out an incredible colonial mansion, which is part of the "Qespikancha hamlet". You can enter for free.
  • The star point is Pikillaqta, which means "town of fleas" and includes the towns of Huacarpay and Piñipampa. It is 30 kms of Cusco, and includes more than 800 constructions with diverse functions, in which it is estimated that more than ten thousand people lived. The complex highlights several buildings, it is presumed to be one of the most important towns of Wari culture in the Cusco South Valley.
  • At the end you will visit Andahuaylillas is 42 km away from Cusco. Its original name is Antahuaylla, meaning: on the plain. Later in the colonial era it was like Andahuaylillas. The highlight of this village is the temple of San Pedro or Sistine Chapel of America, named by some historians and travelers, that dates from the sixteenth century. Stand out their wonderful mural paintings, which are part of the baroque art in Peru.

Packing list for South Valley of Cusco tour
Inca Trail Machu

  • Passport
  • Tourist ticket of Cusco (partial ticket), also you can pay the entrance in each visited place during South Valleytour Cusco
  • Protection against the sun (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen)
  • Protection against rain (water poncho and waterproof jacket)
  • Water bottle
  • Camera
  • Cash in soles

Doubts and Frequent Questions about South Valley tour Cusco
Inca Trail Machu

What is the appropiate clothing for the tour?

During the South Valley tour Cusco, we reccomend you to wear comfortable clothing, hiking pants and T-shirts during the day, and sweaters, raincoat and jackets for night. Remember in Cusco the weather changes easily and rains can suddenly occur.


Where to buy the Cusco tourist ticket?

These are the places where you can buy the Cusco Tourist Ticket for the South Valley of Cusco tour:

COSITUC main office: Tourist Galleries, Avenida Sol No. 103 (Monday to Friday 8 am to 5:30 pm and Saturday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm).

OFEC branch offices: Calle Garcilaso s/n (Monday to Saturday 8 am to 5 pm and Sunday 8 am to 8 pm).


Differences between the general and partial tourist ticket

General Tourist Ticket

This ticket is not included on the South Valley of Cusco tour, you must purchase a tourist ticket. A full tourist ticket costs S/130 (U$ 41) or S/70 (U$22) for students with a valid ISIC card. The full tourist ticket is valid for 10 days and allows entry to the Inca sites, such as Sacsayhuaman, Quenqo, Pukapukara, Tambomachay (City Tour), 4 museums in Cusco, Inca Pachacutec monument's, Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero, Moray (Sacred Valley of the Incas) and  the Centro Qosqo (A theater where you can appreciate the typical dances of Cusco - 70 dances). This is a better option if you plan to combine the City Tour, Sacred Valley and visit and explore the Cusco city.


Partial Tourist Ticket

The price for this ticket is S/70 (U$22) S/40 (U$13) for students with a valid ISIC card. It is valid for 1 day. Only you can visit City tour, Sacred Valley or Maras with this ticket. Not included the Cusco museums, Pachacutec Monument and the Centro Qosqo (It's a theatre where you can appreciate the typical dance of Cusco)


Please Note: In this general tourist tickets. Not include entrance to Qoricancha or the Cathedral of the Cusco. Entrance to Qoricancha is S/15 or S/10 for student. Entrance to The Cathedral is S/25 or S/12.50 for student.



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