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The Incas  once paraded the mummies of dead Incas rulers through the streets, but since colonial times the ritual has been borigly changed. Sixty days after Easter Sunday 15 images of saints and virgins arrive from and throughout Cusco to greet the body of Christi, which is kept in a gold tavernacle that stands 1.2 m / 3.9 feet tall


The purpose of Corpus Christi is to proclaim and enhance the faith of Catholics in the presence of Jesus Christ. With this in mind, the Archbishop of Cusco invites the faithful to celebrate this traditional festival, with faith and devotion, in the courtyard of the Cathedral of Cusco. The holiday mass will be at 09:30 am in the presence of the 15 Saints and Virgins brought in procession from their respective Parishes. San Antonio from the Parish of San Cristobal (just like San Cristobal), the Belen Virgin and Saint Joseph from the Belen church, Santiago comes out of the Santiago church, San blas from the San blas church, San Peter and the purified Virgin from the San Peter church, Saint Barbara from the Poroy church, Saint Ana from the Saint Ana church, the Virgin of the Nativity from the Almudena church, the Virgin of the remedies from the Santa Catalina church and the Virgin of the Inmaculate Conception from the Basilica of the Cathedral.

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