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When peruvians talk about comida criolla or tipical food, they are not talking about just one thing. This is a vast country, and dishes on the table in coastal Trujillo might be now here in mountainous Cusco. And all best are off once you reach placeslike Iquitos, where the surrounding jungle yields exotic flavors.


The Capital

Lima cooks up the wides variety of Peruvian and international food. One of the most influential immigrant communities is the Chinese, who serve traditional dishes in restaurants are called Chifas. One favorite, lomo saltado, strips of beef sautéed with onions, tomatoes, and fried potatoes, in now considered a local dish.


The Coast

When you talk about the cuisine of the countrys vast coastal region, you are talking about seafood. Peruvians are very particular about be pulled from the sea that morning. the most commondish is ceviche, raw fish "cooked" in lemon or lime juice. It comes in endless variations all delicious.


The Altiplano

Hearty fare awaits in the altiplano. Because it keeps so well the winter, the potato is the staple of many dishes, including the ubiquitous cau cau, or tripe simmered with potatoes and peppers. Aspecial treat is pachamanca, a Peruvian style barbecue where meat and potatoes are cooked in a hole in the ground lined with hot rocks. In Huancayo, the local specialty is papa a la huancaina, boiled potato convered in yellow chili chesse sauce.


The Amazon

Fish is a staple in the amazon, and you will know why once you taste  paiche and other species unknown outside this area. One of the best ways to try local fish in patarashca, or fish wrapped in banana leaves and cooked over an open fire. Restaurants here are very simple, often just a few tables around an outdoor grill.


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