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Huanchaco: Trujillo's unmissable beach

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Huanchaco: Trujillo's unmissable beach

Beach, sun, and delicious food: if this is exactly what you are looking for on your next vacation, you have to visit Huanchaco. This beach, located just over 20 minutes from the city of Trujillo, is the ideal destination for surf lovers and for those who want to enjoy the best seafood dishes of Peruvian cuisine. What can you do in Huanchaco? How do you get to this beach? Is it true that it is full of caballitos de totora? Keep reading and we will tell you everything you need to know about this Peruvian spa!


Top things to do in Huanchaco


Caballitos de totora: the true protagonists of Huanchaco

For those who go to Huanchaco with their eyes closed, without knowing anything about this place, the most surprising thing is the immense totora horses (up to four meters high) that decorate the entire beach.


These boats emerged in pre-Columbian times when the Chimú and the Mochica reigned over these lands, and it was the main means of transportation for the fishermen of these civilizations.


Mounted on the caballitos de totora, the ancient inhabitants of Trujillo crossed the waters of the Pacific with a skill that passed from generation to generation until today's huanchaqueros, who continue to use them both for fishing and for a more idle purpose.


An essential part of your visit to Huanchaco is to get on one of these little horses and take a ride to get to know the beach from a different point of view. And to give your trip a little more excitement, do you dare to try some surfing lessons on one of these boats?


Surfing: The star sport of the Huanchaco resort

The waters of Huanchaco have perfect waves to practice one of the best-known maritime sports: surfing. It does not matter if you are an expert in this sport or if you have never been on a board in your life, because in Huanchaco there is a place for anyone who wants to dare to release adrenaline.


For beginners, there are several surf schools all over the beach with which to take a class and delve into this exciting adventure sport. For surf specialists, international competitions are held here throughout the year. If you are lucky enough to meet one of them during your visit to Huanchaco, do not hesitate: sit on the shore and enjoy the spectacular pirouettes of the surfers.

But don't think that everything on this beach is riding a totora horse or on a surfboard. Do you want to simply relax with a day of sun, water and sand accompanied by excellent food? Huanchaco is the perfect place!


Huanchaco Gastronomy: delicious maritime dishes with sea views

The gastronomy of Huanchaco is a great example of why Peru has been crowned the best culinary destination in the world for several consecutive years. Thanks to its proximity to the sea, in Huanchaco you can delight yourself with exquisite fish and seafood dishes: ceviche, rice with seafood, jelly, pork rinds, Parmesan shells... try to try everything you can!


And the best: in Huanchaco there is a wide variety of restaurants on the seafront, so you can have a good banquet with delicious food and, in addition, enjoying incredible views of the Pacific Ocean. What more could you want?


Architecture and archaeological remains: discover the culture of Huanchaco and surroundings

Although the beach is a perfect plan for vacations, it is always good to know a little more about the places you visit. Therefore, here we leave you a couple of destinations to visit in Huanchaco and its surroundings.


On the one hand, there is the famous Chan Chan, the largest adobe citadel in America and one of the main reasons why Trujillo receives hundreds of tourists every day. The archaeological complex of Chan Chan is located just 10 minutes from Huanchaco, so you can take advantage of the visit to the beach to get to know this place.


On the other hand, in Huanchaco is the Sanctuary of the Virgen del Socorro, a place of great importance since, according to some scholars, it is the first temple created for the indigenous people during the Spanish colony. The huanchaqueros show great devotion to the Virgen del Socorro, patron saint of this region of Trujillo and of the fishermen who work in its waters.


How to get to Huanchaco?


By plane

The Carlos Martinez de Pinillo airport is located just 10 minutes from Huanchaco, and receives several flights per day from Lima (1h).


To find a cheap plane ticket to Huanchaco or Trujillo, or your international flight to Peru, I recommend that you use our flight comparator, in collaboration with Skyscanner: it is the guarantee of obtaining the best price!


By public transport

  • From Trujillo: 10-15 soles by taxi, or combi 1.5 soles from Avenida España (20 minutes).
  • From Lima: there are no direct buses to Huanchaco, you will have to go through Trujillo. There are several day and night buses (8-9am): Ormeño, Cruz del Sur, Oltursa.

By rental car

From Lima, it takes 8 hours 40 minutes following the North Pan-American Highway.


Going to Huanchaco and Trujillo by car is an option that offers great freedom and flexibility. But like any expense that you consider in your budget, it is essential to compare the different options to find the best car at the lowest price.


Where to eat in Huanchaco?

The word Huanchaco comes from "Guaukocha" which means beautiful lagoon with goldfish, and its specialty is fish and shellfish!


The dishes usually cost between 20 and 30 soles, but you can also find very good restaurants that charge 10-12 soles. 

  • Pisagua (Avenida Larco, 450): a small and simple restaurant that offers one of the best ceviches in Huanchaco and, luckily, it is not very touristy.
  • Umi Sushi to eat some good makis
  • Estrella (De Rivera, 700): Another unassuming and really cheap restaurant that offers good portions of seafood. And if you don't like seafood, the chicken is very good!
  • Big Ben (Avenida Larco 1182): This is a more elegant restaurant, facing the sea with several interesting dishes, but the tiradito is worth trying.
  • Eating delicious and very cheap: talking to the Muchik Surf School, they recommended a good restaurant around the corner that has no name. Of course, I suggest you arrive early because the food runs out quickly, but it was very good, they are very friendly and the dishes of the day cost 5 soles. 

Where to sleep in Huanchaco?

  • Totora Surf School: this is the best option to sleep cheaply in Huanchaco! It is both a hostel and a surf school, located in front of the sea, and has a large terrace, a very relaxed atmosphere and good Wi-Fi. From only 8 euros per night!
  • Hostal Las Brisas: A small, quiet hotel with a very nice patio and very comfortable beds. From only 28 euros per night!
  • Hotel Bracamonte: it is a house with a pool and garden, bright rooms with a balcony, less than 5 minutes walk from the beach. From 70 euros per night

When to visit Huanchaco?

  • Huanchaco offers mild weather year-round, but is much sunnier from December to March.
  • If you travel with your family, it is best to go during the week when it is quiet.
  • On weekends, Huanchaco's restaurants and bars are very lively.

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