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Ollantaytambo This is a typical example of the extraordinary urban planning of the Incas, and therefore a must for those interested in this civilization.  

Its cobbled and winding streets, the ruins scattered everywhere and its agricultural terraces are attractions that stand out for themselves. Among the ruins, it is advisable to visit the old fortress and the temple, where we can enjoy magnificent views of the region. 

Is that apart from Ollantaytambo, its views are a particular attraction. The panoramas of the snow-capped mountains with the endless natural landscapes, make up the perfect natural environment to practice archaeological tourism.  

Beautiful where you look, the ruins are a must in the Sacred Valley. Not as spectacular as Machu Picchu, of course, but with little to envy the big city.


Ascent to Pinkuylluna 

Pinkuylluna is the hill located east of the town and on its slopes there are archaeological remains. It is a short but steep climb. At the entrance there is a sign that I think more scares that prevents: 

Although it is true that the road has narrow and steep sections, I do not think it can be said of high risk. You have to walk carefully and happily there are parts that have railings that are very helpful. The road is well marked and bifurcates in two, which lead to different parts of the archaeological site. In total I delayed 30 minutes, stopping to take photos for a climb of half a kilometer, with a difference of 200 meters. I arrived until 3010 meters above sea level. 

Because of the little information I could find on the internet, Pinkuylluna were grocery stores. They are located in the hillside and definitely when I walked inside these buildings you feel a change in temperature. In the whole rise the sun fell directly on me, it died of heat but inside the stores it is fresh. 

From Pinkuylluna you can see much better the town of Ollantaytambo 


Ollantaytambo Sacred Valley Tour

In Ollantaytambo it seems that time has stopped, because it still retains the Inca style of narrow streets with water channels and stone walls. It feels total tranquility. Although it receives many visitors, it seems that few people go through it completely because we went through several little-traveled streets. Ollantaytambo was a place of Inca resistance, Manco Inca won the Spanish here but finally had to leave it to take refuge in Vilcabamba. 

Strolling through the town you will find some restaurants where you can drink the rich chicha. The glass costs less than a dollar and contains almost a liter of this delicious drink. They can accompany the chicha with a salad of onion, rocoto, cheese and tomato with chips brought from height. "This is how chicha is accompanied", say the locals. 


How to get from Cusco to Ollantaytambo  

From Cusco we took an hour and a half to Ollantaytambo, we went with the buses that leave from Grau Avenue with Pavitos Street. The cost was 10 soles. Here also collect buses to Urubamba, all go by Chinchero road. 

Really Cusco and the Sacred Valley have so many places to visit that whenever I come back I can visit something new. Ollantaytambo showed me that being such a tourist place can continue to preserve its tranquility, its traditional architecture, with welcoming people. Definitely if I have to stay one night in Sacred Valley I would stay here. It will be for an upcoming trip.



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