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A single trip is not enough to discover all the wonders that Peru offers. Here we highlight only some magical experiences that it is impossible to stop living and knowing in a journey through the country.

  • Mountaineering: Climbing is increasingly fashionable. To practice this sport, it is essential to be fit and not suffer from vertigo. Take into account, as an important point, the use of harnesses and safety protections. Use the projections and cracks of the rock itself as an aid and vertically ascend a ravine or mountain. 
  • Kayak: It is a millenary sport that passionate those who practice it and those who observe it. The kayak is a kayak style in which the rower is sitting with the view in the direction of travel and for its propulsion uses a single paddle of 2 shovels. Do not forget that they must provide you with a helmet and give you a small talk about safety measures before starting the tour.
  • Trekking: This adventure sport consists of walking long distances on natural scenarios, high mountains and unfrequented routes. In addition, it seeks to bring people closer to the natural environment and to the knowledge of the area through heritage and traditional ethnographic and cultural elements. 
  • Mountain biking: It is a demanding sport ideal for lovers of adrenaline and adventure made in natural circuits usually through forests on narrow roads, with steep slopes and very fast descents.

Take an adventure in southern Peru 

Peru is a country with thousands of landscapes including deserts, jungle, coast, snow, volcanoes and mountains. Anyone looking for adventure can enjoy an experience that demands as much of their physical strength as their intrepid spirit. A four-day trek through fertile valleys and Andean mountains is the perfect challenge for you and yours choosing an adventure travel package for friends. 

An adventure is not only crossing mountains but also discovering the secrets of an ancient civilization. Some of these secrets are hidden in a tour of the Inca temple Qoricancha and the sacred fortress of Sacsayhuaman. In addition, you can find more clues talking and observing the traditional villages of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. 

Peru offers many alternatives to satisfy that desire to explore and know that we all feel. Here we tell you the adventure tourism tours in southern Peru. 


Adventure destinations in southern Peru 

A challenge of body and spirit: The Four Day Classic Inca Trail 

Test the adventurer you are taking inside on a four-day trek to the wonder of Machu Picchu. Go up to a pass of more than four thousand meters, explore ruins of more than five hundred years old, spend three nights camping in one of the best trekking routes in the world. 

An adventurer is always ready for everything. We leave you a video of the best travel backpack for the Inca Trail.  


Group fun on wheels: Inca Jungle Bike and Four Day Hike

Lover of the bicycle? Spend four days on a tour to Machu Picchu in a mix of bicicleteada and hiking in mountain and jungle landscapes with all the adrenaline that your body needs and adventure tourism can give you. Inca Jungle Trek to Machu Picchu


Conquer one of the highest peaks in Peru: Salkantay Trek 

An adventure hike to Machu Picchu under the look of the imposing snowy Salkantay. Step by step we will advance through arid mountain landscapes, ancient paths, a turquoise lagoon, the warm jungle eyebrow and the Inca jungle. Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu


8 day package with the Inca Jungle 

Combine the experience of cycling and hiking with the best of the Inca empire in this adventure package. It includes Cusco, the Maras and Moray complexes and the Sacred Valley of the Incas for a complete experience. 


Adventure tourism package with the Classic Inca Trail 

The best trekking route in the world with the wonder of the modern world Machu Picchu combined with the best of the Inca Empire in an eight-day package. Enjoy the archeology and culture along with a trekking adventure! Trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu


Archaeological adventure and the Inca Trail Short for all 

Take the short Inca Trail route for two days and enjoy all the archaeological attractions in a 6-day package along the Inca Trail and the Inca Empire. This lighter route guarantees an experience that anyone will enjoy!  


Adventures To Peru Day Tours 

For those who like adventure or the shock of adrenaline ... Cusco is the precise destination, nestled in the Andes mountain range, Cusco is the favorite of lovers of mountaineering and mountain climbing; snow peaks that exceed 6,000 masl, deep canyons and their happy valleys and villages offer unparalleled surprises. 

You will always find a torrentuous river of vertiginous currents or of medium meekness for those who like canoeing, if you want a spectacular walk and with the highest doses of emotion the beautiful landscapes of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, with natural paths and ancient Inca roads, They offer an ideal and incomparable place to be known through horseback riding or mountain biking.  

Height and unruly winds find in Cusco the lover of paragliding, high mountains and thermal zones make this activity a delight when flying.  

Cusco has a special peculiarity, an extraordinary geography and roads either of dirt or asphalt that take us to impressive archaeological and natural landscapes, which has given another way of knowing Cusco, taking control of your trip and your time, only you need a good motorcycle or a powerful 4x4 and the feeling of getting into nature at full speed will make you live a different expedition that can not be compared.

Now if you are one of the most radical and prefer an extreme adventure of high dose of adrenaline, Cusco also has a place prepared for you, you will enjoy an indescribable experience, mixture of fear, happiness, panic, adventure, EVERYTHING together! you can not lose this. 

Cusco in adventure ... It's amazing! Offers you full options to an adventure day tours:

Peru Tours Machu Picchu Amazon 

In this tour you will be surrounded by the nature of the Amazon Rainforest and its powerful river. To make this trip even more exciting, you will visit Cusco, where you can appreciate its archaeological sites full of history that seem to be reborn when you walk through its ancient streets, and the citadel of Machu Picchu, with its mystery and energy. 

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