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The 5 Best Treks in the World

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The 5 Best Treks in the World

There are many classic routes for hikers, some more difficult than others, some longer than others ... but there are some that stand out above all others: they are those that run between exceptional landscapes, and extraordinary peaks and also offer some touches of local color.


All require a little effort and a lot of courage, but the prize is undoubtedly worth it. In any of these 5 most exciting hiking trails in the world, you will find wonderful landscapes and rich cultures, through diverse geographies and fairly close roads. Put your backpack on your shoulder and follow our course on these trekking routes around the globe.


Inca Trail

Inca trail the hike where will you have many adventures in which you will not only see archaeological sites like Wayllabamba, Pacaymayo, or Wiñay Huayna; also you will see a variety of plants and animals of the area. You will through the sweeping, landscapes of a snowy mountain to a fantastic jungle, and you will notice that the climate changes are surprising but your sacrifice will be rewarded upon arriving at Machu Picchu which is the best known of the Inka ruins as it is recognized in the world. Then Inca Trail tours you can rest in Aguas Calientes village, where a great place to relax it. 


Day 1: Cusco/Km.82/Wayllabamba:

You or your group have to go to Ollantaytambo, 1.45hrs from Cusco. Then you will have about 45 minutes for a break…a good idea would be to use the bathroom or eat something before the trip. Afterward, it is probably 20 minute's drive to Km 82. Which is the first checkpoint to the Inca trail. Here you need to review your implements and be ready for the walk, after the first hour we will have the lunch stop and rehydration. After lunch we return to the walk and now we will climb a slop for 2 hours more…this is a gradually ascending trail. You will be passing the archaeological sites of Llactapata, Qoriwayrachina, and Wayllabamba before reaching the first campsite at 2853m to sea level. In that place can choose to purchase drinks and snacks from the local people living there. The total distance is 10.4km and walking time can be 4 or 5hrs. 


Day 2: Wayllabamba/Warmiwañusca/Pacaymayo:

In this day have to walk in the cloud forest for about 3hrs until emerging into the Puna ecosystem in the high andes, the vegetation is sparse and you will feel the temperature drop, you arrived the highest point on the inka trail called Warmiwañusca or “Dead woman´s” pass at 4314m to the sea level…of this pointe we have a fantastic view of the whole area. After a little break you will descending once again 2hrs until find the checkpoint to the lunch. You have finished the walk for now and can take drinks or food and other option would be doing hobbies because you finished too early. 


Day 3: Pacaymayo/Puya Patamarka/Wiñay Huayna:

After breakfast you start the steeps ascend towards at 3921m to sea level, you will reach de Sayamarca ruins after 2hrs into the climb, and from there it is about 40 minutes further the pass. After the pass the trek will continue descending and ascending the stairs. A guided visit of Puya Patamarka approaches…another important and fantastic monument. In the afternoon there will be 2.5hrs more trekking and the final part being a descent of approximately 2000 inka stairs to Wiñay Huayna or “Forever young”. The overnight at the camp site at about 2692m to sea level. 


Day 4: Wiñay Huayna/Machu Picchu:

We have to get up too early, 3am is a good time to arrive and sunrise at Machu Picchu. After a good breakfast you will begin to the trek to the gates where we will wait until 5.30am for them to attend us. From there is only 1.30hrs to Inti punku or “The Sun Gate” where you will have the most amazing view of the citadel. Machu Picchu is the best known of the inka ruins as it is recognized in the world. When you leave from Machu Picchu have to descent to Aguas calientes and enjoy the place because you finished the inka trek. You will through sweeping, landscapes of a snowy mountain to a fantastic jungle. 


Salkantay Trek

The highest point in the trek is 4650 meters above the sea level and is a hike of 5 days. During the path we will observe animals and medicine plants... is a long trip to realize, the best season is June to August but it’s normally busy. Another option can be of March to October because it´s also the dry season. In the hike you will be hiking for beautiful mountains like Vilcanota Mountain or Humantay Mountain it has the highest pick in our adventure. Where you finish the Salkantay Trek you will be willing to more adventures from Peru and their mysterious places that continues to fascinate us.


Day 1: Cusco/Mollepata/Challacancha/Soraypampa (Humantay Lake): 

  • Walking distance: 12 km. /7.45 miles.
  • Highest elevation: 4600m above sea level.
  • Campsite elevation: 3920m above sea level
  • Difficulty: Moderate.

Day 2: Soraypampa/Salkantay pass/Wayracpunku/Chaullay: 

  • Walking distance: 22km./14 miles.
  • Highest elevation: 4650m above sea level.
  • Campsite elevation: 2750m above sea level.
  • Difficulty: Very challenging.

Day 3: Chaullay/Collpapampa/La playa/Lucmabamba:

  • Walking distance: 18km. /11 miles.
  • Highest elevation: 2750m above sea level. (Descending)
  • Campsite elevation: 2400m above the sea level.
  • Difficulty: easy (no excuses).

Day 4: Lucmabamba/Llactapat/Hydroelectric/Aguas calientes:

  • Walking distance: 18km. /11 miles.
  • Highest elevation: 2400m above sea level. (Descending).
  • Campsite elevation: 2000m above sea level.
  • Difficulty: Almost challenging.

Day 5: The glorious day - Machu Picchu.

Here you can take a breath while walk for the lost city of the inkas.

Mystical Huancaya trekking

You have to walk up river to reach to the lakes…there are the best routes to do trekking:

  • From the pre inkas terraces de Ancovilca.
  • Ashincuy Lake.
  • Pachachaca-fisherman’s route and the hanging bridge.


For many the most beautiful place is the valley of the lagoons and I agree with them... the photos that you take will be unforgettable. It is not a required walk but the emotion you will feel is unique...also from Quillo and Cachachimba you will observe the fantastic waterfalls in your tour. No doubt, something you will remember for the eternity.


Day 1: Lunahuana /Huancaya city:

You arrive by car and the time of arrival can be about 3hrs to Lunahuana, then we will embark for Huancaya where we will know these villages: Pacaran, Magdalena, Tinco Alis, Laguna Piquecoha, Vitis y Huancaya.
Finally, we will make the city tour where there will be typical houses, the Main Square, and museum of the area that conserves mummies of yauyos culture. 


Day 2: Tours Vilcas la joya of the landscape reserve/Valley of the lagoons/ Stone bridges:

We wake up at 700am for our breakfast, then we prepare the route for cañete river and arrive to the valley of lagoons direct to the town of Huancaya. In the tour we will take unforgettable photos of the Valley of the lagoons.
During our trekking for the Loma de Canta gallo we will observe the Papacocha Lake and finish with the course to Huancaya.


Day 3: Huancaya/Cascadas huallhuas/Carhuancho/Cochas de Huancaya:

We prepare to an easy walk to Quinllo y Cachachimba where you have a fantastic view of the waterfalls, then when recovering strength we can to go Vitis where there will be many more waterfalls and finish with a delicious dinner.


Day 4: Lunahuana (canotaje)/Lima city:

A good breakfast and you have all morning to buy local food (cheese) and crafts. Before return the city we can do rafting for 50 minutes for the Cañetes River. All this will undoubtedly be something unforgettable.


Callan punta Trek

A good tip for you before the challenge is acclimatize. It is not only an excursion, you can also learn it´s culture, and you will see how the routine life of these people is, will know their custom and eat their food...specially the cheese. There´s no usual way, only transport donkeys or bicycles can pass there. Ending the tour in Huaraz city you can buy their crafts and know more about of this community. An important advice...if you go through bicycle should go in a group and avoid any setback that interferes with our trek, I hope that enjoy the tour.

In this fantastic Trek you can do walk or bike…is located at 4200m above the sea level is a beautiful place considered like a viewpoint. It’s found in the Black Mountain range and you can also the White Mountain range, below it is observed the city of Huaraz.

You can descend by bike or walking (it will work to acclimatize). For arrive punta callan is necessary go by car for about 60 minutes…of the ill we will descend 5 minutes and we will find a marked path from Huaraz city. The time to our destination is about 3.30 or 4hrs, during the trek we pass for communities, farms, craft houses, schools of the area and we will know the life way of these rural people.

These are some requirements that you need:
Personal accessories, Trek boots, light clothes for the day and warm for the nights, scarves, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, camera or video camera, waterproof for possible rain and extra money for food and other personal expenses.
These are essential objects that the visitor must bring if they want to know the viewpoint of punta Calla.


Cerro de San Juan Trek

From the parking lot we enter the dry riverbed towards the interior of the hill…is necessary get water and to be hydrated because in this place we don’t found that recourse, we continue for the same route about 800m until arriving to a clay place in the base of the hill. We will continue walking and find a slope towards the clay reef, then we will have to climb a ravine…listen…you have to be careful. Finished this, we just have to follow the route and arrive to our viewpoint.

  • Time trek: 7hrs. 
  • Distance: 4km ascend. 
  • Duration: 3hrs ascend. 
  • Highest point: 1357m above the sea level. 
  • Note: To arrive to the parking lot you need to take a car from San juan city until Villa de Zonda. (The first checkpoint). 




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