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Things to do in Cusco: The Ultimate Guide of Cusco Peru

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Things to do in Cusco: The Ultimate Guide of Cusco Peru

Cusco was the main city and capital of the Inca Empire, one of the largest civilizations on the American continent, and was declared a UNESCO city in 1983.


The wonder of this place is bigger than its name and for the purposes of the case, it does not matter. His rich history has baptized him in many ways and his writing is accepted in different ways. From its beginnings, it had different scriptures because its original nomenclature was Quechua and then necessarily Castilianized.


Ancestral cultural traditions and expressions are part of daily life in Peru, as well as a historical background that today tells the story of indigenous cultures mixed with Spanish cultures. You can still see many locals speaking Quechua, raising alpacas, growing corn and weaving textiles in the traditional way. Here we tell you some things to do in Cusco and enjoy this magical city.


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Things to do in Cusco Peru


Visit archaeological remains

Cusco is considered the "Archaeological Capital of America". In 2007, Machu Picchu was chosen as one of the 7 Wonders of the World. In 2016, the users of the website specialized in tourism Trip Advisor considered the Inca City the best tourist destination in the world. Without a doubt, it is a sin to visit Cusco and not visit Machu Picchu and its mountains. However, there are other archaeological remains of great interest such as Sacsayhuamán, Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Choquequirao, and many more.


Tour the city of Cusco Peru

Cusco is considered a "museum city". Its cobbled streets are full of history. They combine the Inca tradition with the Spanish one. In 1983, Unesco declared it Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Among its most important attractions are the Plaza de Armas, its 13 churches in the Historical Center, the stone of the 12 angles in Hatun Rumiyoc Street, the neighborhood of San Blas and many others. Its streets are said to radiate energy.


San Pedro Market or Central Market

The largest supply center in the city, has been serving since 1925, being one of the oldest in Cuzco.

You can find meats, vegetables and varied crafts in the same place. Especially striking is the variety of colors, which gives the environment a very exotic look.


Take a beer Cusqueña

The beer par excellence of the city of Cuzco began its production in the year 1909.

A soft beer very appropriate for Andean heats, which is a symbol of the city.

You can try any of its three varieties (Premium, Malt or Wheat), each with different characteristics and flavor.


Take amazing walks

The Inca Trail 4 days to Machu Picchu is considered one of the 5 best hiking trails in the world. This section covers approximately 39.6 kilometers through impressive landscapes until reaching the 'Inca Citadel' by Puerta del Sol, just as the Incas did more than 500 years ago. However, this impressive walk is not the only one that can be done in Cusco. There are other equally incredible options such as the route through the snowy Salcantay or the walk to the Inca city of Choquequirao.


Take a Pisco

Take a Pisco, the national drink of Peru, is definetely some of the things to do in Cusco you can´t miss. It is a grape brandy, which is produced from fermented wine.

Its graduation is high (varies between 38 ° and 48 °, usually having 42 °).


Eat Cuy

El Cuy, is one of the typical dishes of Peruvian cuisine. The Cuy (guinea pig) is fried, and it is presented whole on the plate, accompanied by vegetables, potatoes, corn, etc.


The Incas' Sacred Valley

The magical Sacred Valley of the Incas is a mixture of archaeological remains, indigenous peoples and varied mountain landscapes.


Given its unbeatable conditions for agriculture, this valley was also chosen by the Spanish colonizers, leaving a multi cultural mix still visible today.


One of the most traditional areas of the Peruvian Andes, which has integrated tourism without losing even a hint of its identity. Most famous places to visit in a Sacred Valley day tour from Cusco are:


  • Salineras de Maras: It is said that the Incas began to harvest the salt that reaches this area more than 1000 years ago, harvesting techniques have not changed much and the more than 3000 pools are still managed by hand by the families that collect the salt of the ponds in a community-based system.
  • Moray: The agricultural terraces are designed in circular levels that give the place a unique layout compared to other archaeological sites when visiting Sacred Valley Peru. Some experts consider that this place was an experimental laboratory, where the Incas planted crops at different levels finding a relationship between the depth of the terrace and the climatic conditions at different altitudes in the area.
  • Ollantaytambo: The most beautiful city to enjoy the beauty of the valley, make a stop between your visit to Cusco and Machu Picchu. It is to have beautiful trails for trekking, Visiting Ollantaytambo ruins, walking through the village or just reading with a beautiful landscape and a relaxing environment.


Machu Pichu

The "Old Mountain" stands imposing over 2490 meters above sea level.


Machu Picchu Cusco is the number one tourist attraction in Peru waits patiently every day for the hundreds of visitors we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy.



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