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Traveling to Peru is to wake up pending dreams, is to connect with oneself, is to enter 5 thousand years of living history. Get ready to master waves on totora horses, surfboards and enjoy sunsets in oases with protective dunes. In the mountains, with the sound of quenas in the wind, you will breathe the pure air of the Andes and contemplate with devotion the harmony of man with nature in Machu Picchu. In the jungle, the Amazon River will welcome you with pink dolphins and will invite you to dance, to be free. To cross the regions of Peru is to enjoy a mestizo gastronomy, unique and recognized in the world. If the heart says yes, dare to visit it.  

Peru is one of the main tourist destinations in South America. It has a varied natural beauty according to the different zones of its territory, remarkable archaeological wonders, such as Machu Picchu, gastronomic delights, and a vast cultural heritage, there is also a great variety of activities and places to see and do in Peru. On this page you will find information about tourism in Peru. 


Lima and Machu Picchu Tours

Your best choice to visit Peru and one of the most important circuits in less than a week. This tour includes a visit to the city of Lima, and the historic city of Cusco. City that mixes culture, history, and mysticism in one. The tour also allows you to get to know Machu Picchu for a longer period, which will allow you to know the small town of Aguas Calientes, the Ciudadela and for the adventurers, climb the Huayna Picchu, from where you will have a wonderful view of the Inca citadel. 


Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Due to its ecological diversity, the charm of its landscapes mixed with its Andean spirituality and the harmony of its buildings, makes many travelers and adventurers consider the best trek in the world. The route covers approximately 43 kilometers and the highest altitude climbed is the Warmiwañusca Pass with 4200 m.s. and we will also visit Inca archaeological complexes like: Runcuracay, Puyupatamarca, Wiñaywayna and of course as a central dish we will have almost a full day in the old city of Machu Picchu and we will also have time to climb the Wayna Picchu mountain. 


Ayahuasca Retreat Peru 

There are different ways to do it, this is in function, formation and origin of each shaman. Traditionally the ceremony is performed preferably on Tuesday and Friday (although it can be done on other days as well), starting at 10:00 pm; is directed by the teacher-shaman, who with the assistants sit forming a circle. 


Amazon River Cruises from Iquitos

Embark on the journey of your dreams, navigating the largest river in the world - the Amazon. The cruises begins in the colonial city of Iquitos, and transports its guests in exceptional comfort in the jungle of the Peruvian Amazon along the Ucayali River, the longest tributary river of the Amazon River, and of the other 4 rivers, each rich in wildlife with flourishing tropical forest. Go fishing for piranhas, hike the dense jungle in search of jungle monkeys, sloth bears, visit local communities and learn about the preservation efforts of wildlife in the Peruvian Amazon. Travelers will have the opportunity to see hundreds of species, including those in danger of extinction such as the Amazonian pink dolphin, the black alligator and the giant river otter. 

Southern Peru Travel

Peru is one of the bioenergetic centers of great magnetic power. I know natural and spirituality is also reflected in the divine nature of Peru. From generation to generation, a series of ancient knowledge has been used in various places in the Peruvian territory to achieve harmony of body and spirit. Those responsible for these activities are the shamans or healers, who have inherited a rich wisdom that complements the elemental energies of nature and the spiritual forces from the Apus. 


Lima, Huaraz & Huayhuash trek 

This circuit offers spectacular Huayhuash is one of the most isolated mountain ranges in the world, with the overwhelming view of gleaming vertical walls of ice, rock and snow. The color of the beautiful waters of the lakes are in this circuit reflect the bizarre Yerupacha (6634m), Jerupajá Chico (6121m), Jirishanca (6094m), Rondoy (5879m), Sarapo (6127m), Siula Grande (6344m), and Siula Chico (6265m) among others. Read More Lima Tour Lima Tour Huaraz Tour Huaraz Tour 


Highlights of Peru Tours 

This is the best alternative to enjoy and know all attractions of Peru. Visit Paracas and the Ballestas Islands, known as "La little Galapagos", fly over the Nazca Lines, you will know Arequipa and the Colca Canyon. Then you will visit Puno and travel to the islands of Lake Titicaca in a fast boat, visiting the floating islands of the Uros. Finally, you will visit Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu. They will have the opportunity to stay in cozy hotels that will make travel an unforgettable experience. 

Northern Peru Tours 

This tour allows us to know the treasures of northern Peru: Culture Chavín, Mochica & Chimú. First we will visit Huaraz, the Callejón de Huaylas and the Laguna de Llanganuco. Also visit the Chavin de Huantar archaeological complex. In the 4th century AD the Moches buried the most important of their "lords". They buried him with his head to the south, they covered his nose and his eyes with gold ornaments, they put him in silver.

Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu & Manu National Park 

Your best choice to know Peru in all its aspects. You will enjoy a tour of Lima, known as "The City of Kings", Cusco, "The Navel of the World", The Citadel of Machu Picchu, "The Wonder of the World" and the Manu National Park. This is the best circuit for people who have problems with altitude, since in this circuit on arrival in Cusco will be transferred directly to the Sacred Valley located at 2700 meters above sea level, instead of staying in Cusco at 3400 meters above sea level, avoiding so feel height sickness or "Soroche". Inca Trail & The Amazon Rainforest

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