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Welcome to Cusco Festivities

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Welcome to Cusco – Festivities

Cusco was the birthplace and cradle of the great Inca Empire, and today it is the historical and archaeological capital of Latin America. The city superlatively represents the image of Peru to the rest of the world and it is the symbol that reminds us of our ancestral origins. Cuzco transports us to a place of enchantment where there is a harmonic symbiosis between culture, auspicious adventure and spiritual encounters. Cusco, and everything within it, represents the full diversity of Peru.

Cusco invites you to enjoy its rich festivals, especially during the month of june, when our millennium city is reunited with its past, vibrates to the beat of its dances, and relives intense emotions as it rejoices and celebrates the Inti Raymi Cusco's most representative celebration. Inti Raymi is an evocation that transports us back to the times of the magnificent Inka rituals to honor the sun god and the beginning of the harvests. Indeed, this 24th of June, Cusco celebrates 60 years of the annual Inti Raymi. This dates back to the festival's reincarnation by a contemporary generation of Cusqueños in 1944 when this wonderful celebration was rescued and reinstituted as the city's most important celebration festivities that produce the magic and the synchronicity that exits between the Andean-Catholic ideologies, such as the procession af the lord of the Earthquakes, Lunes Santo (Holy monday) the pilgrimage to Qoyllurit'i, and Corpus Christi. As well, there are studies describing the social organization of the inca empire, the andean belief system, and a description of cusco's cultural patrimony through its different historical periods.

Welcome to cusco and we wish you and unforgettable experience in sharing the magical enchantment of our celebrations and traditions – their culture and their beauty – all while surrounded by the natural hospitaly of Cusco’s citizens

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