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Humantay Lake Peru

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Humantay Lake Peru

Cusco undoubtedly does not cease to amaze us because in it are the most curious and unusual landscapes sometimes we can even say almost interplanetary landscapes like the mountain of colors that you can find here that is the mountain of colors 

The humantay lake is formed as a melting product of a large snowy mountain that in turn forms part of a mountain range called Cordillera de Vilcabamba.

What makes the Humantay Lagoon distinctive is the natural color that it possesses since it does not have much marine flora in its waters. It has an indescribable color in words, but understandable to the eyes, forming a unique landscape when travelers seek to capture the ideal moment with his cameras that he has so much desire to capture landscapes experiences and moments all this and more make it an ideal place that you must visit if you travel to Cusco Peru

However, the geographical environment of this lagoon is also unique since it serves as the first camp on the Salkantay trekking


What is the height?

The height in the Humantay lagoon is reflected in its 4200 meters above sea level. 


What is the location?

Located in a natural valley under the shelter of the snow, the Humantay lagoon has its location in the area of ​​Cusco, specifically in the province of Anta. 


How is the weather in there?

Between the months of December and April the climate in the Humantay lagoon is temperate with precipitation, while between May and November the climate is cold but with a lot of sunshine during the day.


How to get to the Humantay lagoon? 

Very early in the morning we will embark you a journey of 2 and a half hours from the city of Cusco to the town of Mollepata, this time is enough to enjoy the Andean landscape and the warm valleys that bring so much harmony. In this town we can enjoy a breakfast, since you will return to the bus to travel to the community of Soraypampa. 

Soraypampa is the town from which we will leave in the direction of the Humantay lagoon and the only thing to do is follow a one-way road, it should be said that there is no worry of getting lost since the end of this road is the Humantay lake Salkantay

The Humantay lake Peru witnessed several events carried out by their own visitors such as requests for hand, payments to the land, ceremonies with Andean masters, throwing coins to create a wish and romantic postcards that are easily virilized in social networks thanks to the unique landscape of this place. For the return to Cusco we will take the same one-way route not without first enjoying a lunch with Novo Andean food as well as the organic products of the area.



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