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Salkantay trek lake

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Salkantay trek lake

Cusco undoubtedly does not cease to amaze us because in it are the most curious and unusual landscapes sometimes we can even say almost interplanetary landscapes like the mountain of colors that you can find here that is the mountain of colors 

The Humantay lake is formed as a melting product of a large snowy mountain that in turn forms part of a mountain range called Cordillera de Vilcabamba.

What makes the Humantay Lagoon distinctive is the natural color that it possesses since it does not have much marine flora in its waters. It has an indescribable color in words, but understandable to the eyes, forming a unique landscape when travelers seek to capture the ideal moment with his cameras that he has so much desire to capture landscapes experiences and moments all this and more make it an ideal place that you must visit if you travel to Cusco Peru. 

However, the geographical environment of this lagoon is also unique since it serves as the first camp on the Salkantay tour.  


What does Humantay mean? 

Humantay means "Head of the Gods", this is said to be in the head of the slope of the High Jungle. 


The Turquoise Coloration of the Humantay Lagoon

This beautiful turquoise water mirror that presents the Humantay Lagoon is due to the crystallinity of the water and the green microalgae possibly of the species Microcystis aeruginosa and Oscillatoria, and to the reflection of the blue sky plus the reflection of the sun. This would be the factor that would give this beautiful color to the Humantay Lagoon making it a magical


How to get to Salkantay Lake

The hike along the Salkantay Trek route 5 days 4 nights allows you to get to know the Humantay Lagoon, it is one of the best adventure trekking routes that will allow you to visit the Inka citadel of Machu Picchu. The first day of the Salkantay Trek Lake, you can take advantage of the afternoon to visit the Humantay Lagoon (4200 masl), 2 hs uphill and 1 h downhill to the Soraypampa Camp (3850 masl) and spend the night there after our dinner. 


Salkantay Trek Lake 1 Day 

In the morning I pick up from the hotel at 4:30 a.m. approximately. From the city of Cusco we will transfer by bus to the village Mollepata where we will have a delicious breakfast, then continue with the trip until we reach Soraypampa, where we will have a short break, and then start with our walk of 1 hour and 30 minutes to the Laguna Humantay that is located at 4200 meters above sea level (Those who do not wish to walk can rent a horse at the beginning of the walk). On the way we can appreciate the impressive snowy Salkantay and Humantay. Once we arrive at Laguna Humantay we will have free time to take pictures or relax. After our visit we will start the way back to Soraypampa, where our bus will be waiting for us to go to Mollepata where we will have our lunch, then we will return to Cusco arriving approximately 6:00 p.m. 


Difficulty of the Salkantay Trek Lake 

The one day hike to the Humantay lagoon has an average difficulty. We leave early, at approximately 5:00 am in a tourist van to Mollepata, the town that marks the beginning of the trek. 

The terrain is hard and with small stones. Depending on the season, the temperature can drop by half to the snowy Salkantay, so it is necessary to take some shelter as protection. 


Some important facts about the Salkantay Trek Lake 

  • The Humantay Lagoon is located at 4200 meters above sea level. 
  • The tour starts at 5:00 am and returns around 6:00 pm. 
  • Among the landscapes to see are Andean mountains, wide pampas, jungle brows and snowy mountains. 
  • On the tour you will see the sacred snow of Salkantay. 
  • You can take binoculars for a better view! You can wear a swimsuit in case you dare to dive into the waters of the lagoon. 
  • You can extend your adventure and take the five-day route through the snowy Salkantay, Humantay Lagoon and Machu Picchu, known as the 5-day 
  • Salkantay Hike, of medium to moderate difficulty.



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Salkantay Trek Peru

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