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Rupac Archaeological Complex

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Rupac Archaeological Complex

The Archaeological Complex of Rúpac is known as El Machu Picchu Limeño, this is due to the location of its remains, at 3400 meters above sea level, on the mountain, it is perfectly understandable that from this area they could dominate the entire area, have a view of everything and a position strategic, just as the Incas did when they built Machu Picchu.



About 145 kilometers north of Lima is the wonderful Archaeological Complex of Rúpac. It is also known as the "Machu Picchu of Lima", due to its location, on a peak located at more than 3400 meters above sea level. The visit to Rúpac is a perfect mix of archaeology, nature and trekking. Indeed, before being able to appreciate the beautiful buildings of the complex, you have to walk for a few hours from the town of Florida, located at 2,500 meters above sea level, or from the abandoned town of Pampas, located at 3,100 meters above sea level. The effort is worth it, the landscapes that can be seen during the walk are simply spectacular.


The ascent itself is of moderate difficulty. If you want to visit on a weekend, it is recommended to sleep in Huaral on Friday (count 2 to 3 hours depending on traffic) and leave early for La Florida (count 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours). It is advisable to start the trek as early as possible (ideally before 10 am) to avoid the strong heat of the afternoon and arrive at the top before sunset to be able to pitch the tents.


The ascent between La Florida and Pampas lasts approximately between 1 hour and 30 minutes and 2 hours while the walk between Pampas and Rúpac lasts between 3 and 4 hours. The effort of the climb is more than compensated by the beauty of the landscapes. And with a bit of luck, you will be able to observe one or more condors flying over the valley.


Shine Rupac Huaral


Arriving near the Rúpac Archaeological Complex, you can see a set of stone buildings that resembles a watchtower lost in the clouds, Marca Kullpi. Then Rupac appears. And one understands the reason for the name “Machu Picchu Lima”. Beautiful buildings, up to 10 meters high, in perfect condition, and built on top of a high mountain with an impressive view over the entire valley. Some investigations indicate that these constructions date from the year 1,200 AD. and that belong to the culture of Los Atavillos. However, in-depth archaeological studies are still needed to determine the use of these buildings that continue to resist the passage of time.


You can camp in the surroundings of the site and with a bit of luck, when you wake up, you can see a beautiful cloud cover that surrounds the peak where the remains of Rúpac are found. An unforgettable show!


For the ascent to the Archaeological Complex of Rúpac, you can rent donkeys directly in the town of La Florida, be careful, reserve them in advance, since sometimes the townspeople take them to the field to work. Also be careful with the amount of water you take with you, since you left Florida there is no drinking water. As usual for a hike, bring sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, walking sticks and warm clothes for the night at high altitude.


Turistic development

Although it is true that the towns in the area are working to promote tourism, there are still many things to do to make the Sierra de Huaral a tourist focus in Lima, its tourist attractions such as the Rúpac Archaeological Complex are little known and its Tourist infrastructure still needs to be developed in order to receive a greater flow of Tourists, it is necessary for professionals from the Tourism Sector to carry out projects so that this area can be developed in a way that benefits the inhabitants and that visitors know a little more about the cultures that populated these areas.

Camping in Rupac


How to get to the Rupac Archaeological Complex?

To get to the Archaeological Complex of Rúpac you must first get to Huaral, from Huaral you take a minibus or taxi to the town of La Florida (2,500 masl) to then reach the small town of Pampas (3,100 masl) and finally to Rúpac. It is possible to get to the town of Pampas by car, but from here the only way to get to Rúpac is to walk uphill, skirting and climbing the mountain for approximately 3 hours.


What to bring to the Rupac Archaeological Complex?

To visit the Archaeological Complex of Rúpac it is very important to bring a lot of water for the walk, fresh clothes for the mornings and warm clothes for the afternoons and nights since the temperature usually drops. A waterproof jacket is also recommended, several changes of clothes, streams must be crossed and there are muddy areas, so good slippers must be worn.


Visiting the Archaeological Complex of Rúpac is an incomparable experience, since the effort required is worth it to appreciate these beautiful constructions, in turn you can appreciate a beautiful view of the Valley and the sea of clouds that surrounds the mountain. If you are an adventurous person and you like contact with nature, then a visit to Rúpac is worth it, as it is a destination that demands skill, strength and, above all, a suitable physique.


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