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An advance booking: First of all, in inca trail 2018 this tip is so important either many people around the world visit Peru specially for an inca trail hike tour and almost always the inca trail tickets fill up very fast. Also would be great you're booking because each year the inca trail cost increases and don´t forget Wayna Picchu is required too because of there is possible take the best pictures from Machu Picchu.

Acclimatization: Another good advice to avoid delays and problems during the path, is better spend few days in Cusco city for acclimatize to the climate before the hike. Although however not everybody need it, you would have to check your develop for one day in Cusco. When it about kids is better acclimatize a couple days and if still kids don't be ready for a hike you and your children will need further days for a successful process and outface the wonderful hike. During the path try to drink only boiled water or purified water and in the night a coca tea, also avoid drink water of the lake because is probable be contaminated. Many tourists have some medicine or a treatment for the mountain or altitude sickness, follow the tip and avoid the problem in few days.

A good physical condition: Is essential be in good shape for your xtreme inca trail but not only that, also avoid the parties and the alcohol before your hike. Eat healthy food and about all buy "hoja de coca" for a good resistance which consumed by inkas courier "chaskis". And avoid the fast food because it can produce some dizziness during the hike. Also the acclimatization and the walking sticks are indispensable here because if you suffer of mountain sickness you will be without enough strenght but walking sticks can help you in this case. 

The backpacks: Bring the weight correctly is other important fact you need to know, generally should carry waterproofs and additional clothes. Other things you can bring in your hike must be the identification document, a cap or hat, sleeping bag, video-camera and loaders, a personal medicine kit, gloves, wool scarves, swimwear, insect repellent, sunscreen, sunglasses, flashlight and batteries, binoculars, some lemon candies, chocolate bar and further money. The carriers will bring your other things you can need, so don't worry just try to carry the ideal weight (5-7kl). Remember have only the necessary.

Trekking shoes: Is outstanding have good trek shoes because many times the shoe of hikers finish too bad when injury the ankle or maybe are slippery especially during the inca trail rainy season where the mud do the route more challenging. Is better be prepared for any weather and prevent these cases how travelers that we are. The shoes up to the ankle are light and give you points in the agility and you can move faster, however the boots are effective if you´re carrying a lot of weight or to pass easily through the mud in rainy seasons, also avoid some injuries in the ankles which if this were to happen it could be a delay on the way. Depend of you the shoes that believe feel more comfortable for your inca trail.

Walking sticks: Although it seems absurd is very important so will be useful for ascending or descending the path, in many cases people want to carry it because they believe is  a way to avoid some injure and save energy for then. If you forgot the walking stick don't worry because is not necessary buy a good product, is possible pick up some wood stick that can help yourself and use it during the path. Many tourists when need ascending or descending by the wayside do this advice.

Enjoy the ride: How the title says just enjoy the ride, don't try to arrive first to some site because will be losing all the nature, the beautiful plants and animals. When you will be in the archaeological sites take your time for photos or ask questions about that. Is not a race, is a ride where your priority is enjoy and learn the place. All latest is fine but remember follow the instructions and rules. So just enjoy each site until arrive to Machu Picchu.

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