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hen we think about traveling through Peru, not only comes to mind a lot of beautiful destinations and unique landscapes in the world, we are also enlightened by the look of just imagining the delights that can be tasted throughout the country, thanks to the wide variety of flavors and ingredients that our wide and rich cuisine has to offer. 

Since it is almost impossible to count the best restaurants nationwide (because it would be a very long list), today we share our selection of the best restaurants to visit in Cusco.


Cusco Places To Eat 


When someone tastes the dishes of renowned chef Gastón Acurio, he understands the reason for his fame inside and outside the country. Named for the famous corn drink popular among Peruvians, Chicha is a restaurant that offers sophisticated dishes and traditional Andean recipes from our Peruvian cuisine but with a modern touch and a "surprise factor". The restaurant offers a pleasant atmosphere to visitors to Cusco from a second floor and is only 5 minutes from the main square. 


Le Soleil  

One of the pleasures of visiting restaurants in Cusco is that not only is there a wide variety of Andean food places, but also international food. One of the most recognized is Le Soleil, which offers traditional French food in a romantic and elegant atmosphere. In the menu you can find dishes as representative as the ratatouille with goat cheese, the duck with orange and a crème brûlée for dessert to end a delicious dinner. Our recommended for travelers with budget and desire to delight, is the 7-time menu.


Green Point 

When we travel with larger groups of family or friends, there is always the possibility that there is a person who has a vegetarian diet. Thanks to Cusco being such a tourist place, which attracts thousands of travelers during the year, finding restaurants that offer vegetarian or organic food options is not a problem. Green Point is a vegan restaurant, very popular among all types of diners, vegans or not, who are amazed by the creativity of the recipes and the richness of the ingredients in each dish. The proposal of the restaurant is to show that vegan food can be both healthy and friendly with animals, as delicious. A dish not to be missed is the mushroom ceviche! 



Without the need of a tour guide, the architecture of the 16th century colonial monastery, where this famous restaurant is located, tells us what was once the convent of San Agustín. Pirqa, the restaurant of the JW Marriot, offers Peruvian food with a modern touch, using ingredients from the region such as yellow potatoes, trout and quinoa, to name a few. Although the place is renovated and very elegant, it still offers a bit of mystery for the building's ancient architecture, and is ideal for a delicious night enjoying the best of Peruvian cuisine. 



Always named one of the best restaurants in the city, Cicciolina, located on the second floor of an old colonial house, offers international food, excellent service and the perfect lighting for a casual dinner or a more romantic evening. Its ocher walls and wooden beams create a very attractive atmosphere. We recommend arriving early, since you can not make reservations, and of course, try our favorite entry, the marinated olives.


Machu Picchu Restaurant

Happy Indian

Although it is not located in Cusco, the Happy Indian is a very popular restaurant in Aguas Calientes, where many travelers go for one or two nights to make the tour to Machu Picchu. We could not stop mentioning it because of the spectacular decoration and the different environments, and of course, the delicious food served by the place run by Patrik, a kind Frenchman, which has earned him several awards in the world of gastronomy. As expected, the restaurant offers dishes from both Peruvian cuisine but also some with a more French touch, and honestly we can not decide which is better. For this reason, our recommended dishes are Creole soup and ceviche, accompanied by Provençal tomatoes and a delicious apple pie or one of the traditional desserts to finish a delicious meal.


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